Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 10 Recap.

Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 10

This week’s episode of Shitsuren Chocolatier(Episode 10) actually felt kind of boring to me. There weren’t any huge developments in it and it mostly seemed to focus on Sota finally being brought back from Cloud Nine into cold, dark reality. The last few episodes were mostly focusing on his relationship with Saeko and them finally ending up together, but it seems kind of like Sota bit off more than he can chew – it’s a little like the depressing feeling a lot of people get when they achieve an ultimate goal. I think that now Sota finally has Saeko he’s slowly realizing that she’s not what he wanted all along. Keep reading and I’ll expand on what I mean by that.

Since Episode 9 Sota has been having mixed feelings about his relationship with Saeko, he seems really confused about whether or not she actually likes him – and he seems to be suspecting that she might just be using him as an escape from her husband and the home(or cage) that she doesn’t want to go back to. On the surface his current relationship with Saeko seems like a one-way straight but during Episode 10 there were quite a few day dreams he had that suddenly started falling apart halfway through – this was symbolised by the way his fantasies started warping and acting like a broken TV. I think that is a symbolic way of saying that Sota is unable to imagine a life with Saeko in Paris or a life with Saeko and the child that they would have together.

Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 10

Something that also seems to be eating away at Sota is his own lack of growth – or maybe more aptly his lack of confidence. In this episode Chef Bonelle comes to visit from France and writes a letter to Sota beforehand saying that he wants to meet. It turns out that the head chocolatier of one of Bonelle’s stores in Paris has quit and he’s searching for a replacement, and that Sota is one of the people he’s considering for the job. He asks Sota to meet him on his last day in Japan and bring him the best chocolate he can make. Sota spends a lot of time trying to craft something just right to impress Bonelle. He manages to finish the chocolate on time but when Bonelle tries it he’s very unimpressed by it. Bonelle asks Sota where his passion from 5 years ago went to. This failure causes Sota to question his goals and his ability as a chocolatier.

Shitsuren Chocolatier

I think both of these events show that Sota is not on the path that he wants to be on, or maybe more or less that he still doesn’t have enough confidence in himself. He’s worried about whether Saeko likes him or not but he can’t even imagine a future with her in the first place. He’s worried about what his mentor says about his work but he didn’t even want to take the job until Olivier told him that he should “definitely consider it”. Though now I think about it maybe this is all an essential part of him breaking out of two moulds: his feelings for Saeko and the weight that he puts onto what Chef Bonelle thinks of him and his work. If he really is a prodigy like the drama depicts him to be then he’s only being burdened by both and won’t grow until he breaks free of them. Well, that’s my opinion on it anyway. If you have something to say please comment below and tell me what you thought of this episode. Next week the last episode is going to air and hopefully we’ll be given some kind of closure, I’ve gotta say I was’t too happy with the ending Lost Days had. I’m hoping Shitsuren Chocolatier won’t be a disappointment too.

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2 thoughts on “Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 10 Recap.

  1. I think you made an excellent analysis of this episode. I think of course that eps 9 and 10 could have been merged in one,but in a way it was helpful that they weren’t, as it allowed more in depth development of characters. I considered that the dialogue between Saeko and Karuoko was interesting as well, giving some insights to Karuoko [and to us] into Saeko’s character. She seems less the brainless bimbo she appeared before.

    And I believe that Souta shouldn’t go to Paris. That would be retrograding to student days, when he is now running his own shop.

    • Yeah I was actually surprised I was able to write something with substance for once haha. I think she’s still a bimbo, but she’s just street smart. A lot of girls like that are good at one thing: using people. As soon as you realise it their “magic” stops working. Sota is a good example of a guy who will probably die not realising he’s being used over and over again. Yeah I totally agree too, if he’s made this much progress and even opened his own store he should stop caring so much about what his old mentor says. It’s kind of like how I would just laugh now if my high school Japanese teacher said my Japanese isn’t good or something – even though I doubt she ever would and I by no means think I’m more fluent than her even now. It’s just because it’s all just such a distant past to me now.

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