Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 11[Finale].

Shitsuren Chocolatier

One of the most popular dramas from this season, Shitsuren Chocolatier, had the airing of its final episode last night and I managed to watch it before I had to go to school today. While I enjoyed the series as a whole and am strongly considering reading the original work I still felt a little disappointed by Episode 11. This was mostly due to the fact that the episode’s climax felt somewhat lacking and also because I wasn’t able to fully understand why it ended the way that it did. By no means am I saying that Episode 11 was horrible or even that it was bad, I would have to say that it did barely just scrape average in my eyes. If you want to keep reading please keep in mind that there will be some spoilers in the rest of this post so do so at your own risk.

This series actually ended kind of closely to how I thought it might end a couple of weeks ago. Sota had a lot of choices about which girl he could end up with as his girlfriend and seemed to change his mind quite a lot about who he was gunning for through-out the season. A few episodes before the end of the series he ended up with Saeko, which had been his fantasy for years but things didn’t turn out the way that he wanted them to(or at least the way he thought he wanted them to). In the last episode Saeko reveals to Sota that she is pregnant(to her husband) and tells him that she wants to go and get back together with her husband. This ends up pushing Sota into a strange spiral of depression that almost is enough to make him quit being a chocolatier.

Kaoruko and Erena both confess to Sota that they like him too but in the end he decides that he doesn’t want to be with either of them(he actually more or less gets rejected by both of them but it was kind of a mutual thing in both cases). He ends up meeting Saeko one last time to give her the chocolate bar that he made for her and tell her that he won’t be able to meet her again because he has finally realised that to succeed as a chocolatier he is going to need to be able to be inspired without her help – especially considering the fact that she will have a family in the near future. This is one of the two big decisions that he makes in the final episode. The other is to go back to Paris and restart everything again. He doesn’t explicitly say what he wants to do there other than that he wants to be alone for awhile and there was kind of a “I need to do some soul searching” vibe mixed in  too.

I really don’t understand why Sota would think it’s a good idea to go back to Paris. He was there for 5 years already and it sounds like that’s where he honed all of his skills up to be a great chocolatier. Now he owns his own store, so why does he have to repeat that all over again? Is there anything he can really gain from returning to Paris for an extended period? I can see one plus and that’s that he wouldn’t ever run into Saeko in Paris but even so I could count the amount of times I’ve ran into ex-girlfriends somewhere on my fingers and I don’t live in a city anywhere near as huge as Tokyo. This is probably my main gripe with the last episode. Him getting dumped by everyone was kind of expected and I don’t think there was anything illogical about that. But if you have your own opinion to share go ahead and write it out below in the comments, I read someone else’s review for the last episode in Japanese and it was totally the opposite of what I thought so even if your opinion is completely different than mine please don’t be afraid to give your 2 cents. That’s all I really have to say today, tomorrow I’ll probably be writing about Inpei Sousa’s final episode after I’ve watched it.

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9 thoughts on “Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 11[Finale].

  1. First I have to say that I enjoy your reviews of the various dramas. It is nice to be able to read some intelligent analysis of the, whether agreeing or disagreeing.

    I haven’t seen Shitsuren 11 [don’t mind spoilers, have been known to read the last few pages of a book early on]. From what you say, I suppose Saeko’s return to her husband was a given. I mean, she couldn’t stay in that little room forever, and Souta had to make up his mind also. I will say though that her husband is brutal [blows, trying to forcibly drag her away], and uncaring [he no doubt has to accompany the boss, but does he have to get drunk and stay to the last?]. This doesn’t bode well. I would have left after the first hitting incident. At the very least, she should tell him in no uncertain terms what she cannot tolerate, and stick to it.

    Why on earth is Souta returning to Paris. He really isn’t an apprentice any more, no matter what Mr. Bonheur thinks of his chocolates. He should stay with his successful store, strive for continuous improvement, not just repeating the same stuff. Anyway, every one reaches the occasional plateau. I have been impressed by Japanese pastry shops. As far as Kyushu or Shikoku, I have found brioches and delicate cakes on a Paris level. I am French originally, though I now live in the US. And I tell you, I wish pastries here were half as good as in Japan! But alas, they are just mediocre if not outright bad.

    Where Erena is concerned, I like her a lot, but probably her career would be in the way, so maybe she isn’t best suited to Souta, though she is sweet, unassuming and honest. I felt Souta behaved horribly that night she was waiting, and should have at least send a text of excuse. I don’t like Karuoko. One of your readers said she was misunderstood. Perhaps, but I still don’t like her! She is awkward and bitchy. Quite self centered, really. And she seems to make herself unattractive on purpose: the clumsy shoes, the pony tail, etc.

    If Souta stays in Tokyo, I think his career will advance better, and his chances of connecting with the right girl better as well.

    Sorry for the length of the comment. These 2 cents worth turned out to be 50!

    • Sometimes my writing is really awful but I figure that I can only get better with practice, and writing something is better than nothing. Still I’m really happy there are a couple of people who read my blog that will respond to what I write. Oh wow how long did you live in France for? Can you speak French too? I kind of wish that I had some sort of interesting heritage but I’m sure there are tough things that go with that as well. I can’t say that I’ve tried pastries from France(or that I have a huge interest in ever going there) but the pastry in Japan is definitely better than it is in Australia. It’s cheaper, it looks better and it tastes great. I think maybe its because Japanese people are(atleast in my eyes) in a more strict business environment than here or America. People in Japan will file claims against companies for the smallest things and customers expect great service. There’s no expectation for great service in my country at all. What’s France like in that area?

      Yeah I think in the last episode Kaoruko finally started to become more of a normal person that wasn’t so consumed by jealousy and contempt towards other people. She definitely grew a little after becoming better friends with Saeko. I still don’t understand how Saeko’s husband must have felt. Maybe she didn’t mention the fact she cheated on him? (I wouldn’t hit my wife in the first place but) I wouldn’t have wanted to bring her back home after her running away with some other guy. I’d just file for a divorce, you’re at a point where you’ve betrayed eachother’s trust completely anyway. You’re definitely right about him staying in Tokyo too. He would have a world of opportunities there, if he liked France so much he should have never left it in the first place and he didn’t show any signs of wanting to go back until the last episode.

      Haha no problem, I’m happy someone is commenting at all! Thanks for your 50 cents.

      • Short bio note: I was born in France, so French is my mother tongue. But I started learning English as child in school. Spent a summer in England, and was fluent by the time I arrived in the US. though I had to get used to “American English” .I learned Italian from Italian nannies and from going regularly to Italy. Learned German in school, and from living there a year [though I am very rusty].

        Service isn’t as good in France as it once was, nevertheless it is more professional than in the States. Shopkeepers greet you, you answer, and you are expected to say goodbye when you leave, purchase or not. And salespeople are expected to know something about their products.

        I am in agreement with you about Saeko’s husband. The advent of a child complicates things a bit, but of course he doesn’t know yet.

  2. I watched it because of second lead guy Olivier as I like junpei.
    So I am happy with the ending because he and matsuri are really cute together
    And he is a very loyal friend to sota and Kaoruko is Really touching
    Actually this drama really shows how friendship can be value
    And this is the first time I am totally not interested on main leads and their love story


  3. Hey Jordau! I’m glad you’re back, I never checked out your blog anymore cause you were away, but today I decided to check it out Again and I’m glad you are back :). Well I only saw the first episode of this drama and didn’t liked one bit so I gave up of Watching it.

    • Thanks for visiting again Jade, sorry I didn’t reply to your comment earlier. I hope your well and I hope you’ll keep coming back to my blog. By the way this is a good series you should definitely check it out.

  4. I guess I was the only one rooting for Kaoruke and Sauto .I love her realness more than the main female lead.she was a real character,great person and I could actually see chara ter development. The female lead was nice and cute but I just felt like her character was too fake, couldn’t really understand the character ;so many holes with her character.As far as I am concerned there was no real dialogue between the main leads. I was just a little disappointed but I would recommend this drama.

  5. I’m pretty satisfied with the ending. It feels like Souta needed to find his own reason to make chocolates besides Saeko, which is why he was returning to Paris- to find his own inspiration. Makes sense to drop both Saeko and Kiko. I love that Saeko decided to work it out with her husband. In some way, she ended up taking responsibility. It was good of Kiko to dump Souta on his own – she knew (finally) at the end it would lead to no where, and so did Souta. Although I feel like Kiko was trying hard to say that, and she had to recover all a lot more than Souta ever did. I think Souta left emotionally,mentally, romantically – everything – from Kiko when Saeko started living in the chocolate shop.

    I think some can be dissatisfied that he ended up with no one- but I’m happy. The drama isn’t about one of the girls, it’s about Souta. That’s all it’s ever been about. (Although for Souta himself, he felt his life revolved around Saeko.) As long as Souta’s happy, I’m happy.

    (Expect if Saeko didn’t end up happy XD She’s my favorite character~)

    I realized I used Kiko (her real name) instead of the character’s name. I forgot it T^T

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