Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 2.

Episode 2

Wow I didn’t expect it to all happen so quickly but Sota really grew some balls in this episode. In my post about Episode 1 I remember writing that I hoped this kind of change would happen but that I wasn’t going to make any bets on it. I’m pretty sure there’s a team subbing this drama in English and they’re probably pretty fast with their releases so I don’t know how many people will be interested in reading what I thought about this episode but at least I don’t have to worry to much about spoiling things for anybody. Anyway keep reading for my recap of Episode 2 of Shitsuren Chocolatier(Heartbroken Chocolatier).

Episode 2 starts off with Sota being visited by an angel in his dream inside a church who is taking the form of Olivier. Sota is praying really earnestly and the angel appears out of nowhere shining white lights and then suddenly turns all black and tells Sota that he needs to become more “something something”. At first this part is blocked out and Sota spends about the first 8 minutes of the episode trying to decipher this heaven-sent message – then he finally gets it. “You need to become more of a bad boy”. From this point on Sota completely changes the way that he interacts with Saeko and maybe it was just my imagination but it also seemed like there were a lot less of the delusions he was having all the time in Episode 1 that they stuffed the original preview trailers with.

Heartbroken Chocolatier

Around half of this episode is Saeko and Sota messing around with each other. For example, Sota acts cold towards Saeko and then a few days later she comes into his store with chocolate from the other famous Chocolate store Ricdor. Or she purposely “forgets” her umbrella in the store to try and get him to run after her and return it to create an opportunity to talk with him. Another good exchange was when she comes to the store just to ask Sota if he has a girlfriend to poll his reaction and then says that she has a cute friend that wants to be introduced to him. He responds to this by telling her he has someone that he likes already and when she asks who it is he says it’s someone she doesn’t know and it has nothing to do with her and then really harshly tells her to stop ‘talking about personal matters when other customers are around’. After being told this she doesn’t contact Sota for like a month.

Satomi Ishihara

In that month Sota actually keeps himself pretty busy. He does have some creativity issues that stem from the fact he isn’t seeing Saeko on a regular basis but he manages to fight this in a pretty interesting way. Sota and everyone from his store gets invited to the owner of Ricdor’s birthday at Ricdor and he ends up meeting Ricdor’s friend Erena(it turns out that Ricdor is actually gay, so much for being a rival). Erena also has a crush on someone that’s pretty out of her reach so the two of them hit it off pretty well. They get a cab home together and Erena invites Sota in for tea and to chat. She gets changed and then asks him if he wants to have sex. At first he’s really reluctant about it and declines but then he falls asleep and has another dream where he realises that if he backs down now he’ll still be the same pathetic guy as he was up until now and Saeko won’t take him seriously. When he wakes up from the dream he mans up and fucks Erena. The next day when he wakes up there’s a message from Saeko in his phone.

Jun Matsumoto

I’m pretty ecstatic that things are going in the direction they are and it looks like there’s some kind of harem sprouting, because Kaoruko also likes Sota and has been hiding it for a long time. I think this drama portrays an amazing truth about a lot of men that end up concentrating too much on one girl. I don’t know jack about picking up girls or being a player or whatever but I think giving your whole heart to someone before you’re even at the stage of dating them or even in the early stages of dating them is just ridiculous.


You don’t need to be some kind of love magician or anything you just need to not put all of your eggs in one basket. It’s simple economics, the more popular a product is with consumers the more other consumers will demand it. The same goes for human beings. Supply is a completely different issue though. Anybody else seen Episode 2 yet? Tell me what you thought of it below.

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