Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 4.

Shitsuren Chocolatier

I’m starting to get the feeling that Shitsuren Chocolatier(Heartbroken Chocolatier) might be my favourite drama for this season. I watched Episode 4 this morning and it definitely wasn’t a disappointment either. This week’s episode mostly focused on romance again, but not just Sota’s this time. Olivier has his thing with Sota’s younger sister Matsuri and Sekiya from Ricdor has been making some pretty suggestive advances on Kaoruko too. Not to mention Erena’s crush on the mysterious band member and Ricdor’s secret gay crush on Sota. Keep reading for a more lengthy analysis.

Episode 3 finished with Olivier confessing to Maturi that he likes her after he suddenly kissed her when she was drunk the night before. Episode 4 picks up where this scene left off and Matsuri ends up flat out rejecting Olivier. He explains to her that she never looks happy even though she’s dating the other guy(who is actually her friend’s boyfriend). She admits that he’s probably right about that but says that she can’t break up with him to be with Olivier and runs off almost crying. The weird thing about this scene was that she didn’t give any explanation for why she couldn’t be with Olivier, there was no “I don’t like you that way” or “the situation I’m in doesn’t permit it at the moment” sort of thing. This pretty much puts a big question mark over whether or not this pairing will come to fruition. Olivier does make it pretty clear that he won’t give up on her when he’s talking with Sota about being rejected by her though.

Episode 4

Kaoruko and Sekiya from Ricdor end up going on a sort of “date” in this episode too. When he asks Kaoruko out for the first time at the start of the episode she says no despite Sota trying to convince her to accept. Later on in the episode Sekiya comes back and asks her out to eat again but explains that making new connections was part of the homework that Ricdor had given him recently to “broaden his horizons”. He tells Kaoruko that she was the first person that came to mind when he was thinking about who to ask out to eat. After hearing this she is somewhat relieved and accepts the invitation. But when they get to the restaurant together all she can talk about is Choco La Vie and Sota and Sekiya looks pretty bored the whole time. He tells her that she should stop complaining so much and just confess to Sota that she likes him so she can reconcile her feelings once and for all. She starts crying a little after being told this.

Heartbroken Chocolatier

In Episode 4 Erena finally gets to meet her crush again because Ricdor made some moves and was able to make an opportunity for her. The unfortunate thing is that she barely was able to say anything once she met him(or at least that’s what she said) because she was too nervous. It sounds like he didn’t really remember who she was either. I kind of wonder why they never show the guy she likes or any of the scenes of them meeting. Maybe they just figure that it’s not a major enough part of the plot so it doesn’t need to be portrayed in anything other than dialog? Or maybe there’s some kind of deeper meaning to why they never show him that we’ll find out later on?

Shitsuren Chocolatier

Now onto Ridcor himself. I can’t help but laugh in every scene that him and Sota share together. I also remember the drama Rookies every time I see his face because it’s the same actor but I guess that’s kind of off topic. Anyway, we found out that Ricdor is gay in Episode 2 after the Choco La Vie team went to a party at his store and met him face to face. We also were given some hints that he has a crush on Sota and the hints seem to be becoming a regular thing in every episode. This time Sota and Kaoruko go to one of Ricdor’s new stores and Ricdor and Sota end up talking alone. Ricdor shares some of his ideas and his overall vision with Sota saying that “there are 7 billion people in the world so I don’t mind if I can’t get along with 6 billion or more, I’m content with just getting along with 10 million”. Sota seems to have a lot of respect for Ricdor and is pretty moved by this comment so he casually asks how old Ricdor is(he’s 39). Ricdor thinks that this is some kind of cue that Sota is interested in him but Sota is just trying to reassure himself that he has another 10 years to become as successful as Ricdor. All these misunderstandings between them are pretty hilarious.


One thing that kind of surprised me was the lack of developments between Saeko and Sota. They go on a “date” to go look for a present for Saeko’s friend’s wedding but nothing big really happens. Near the end of the episode Saeko lies to Sota about going on a date with someone other than her husband(not Sota) so they pretty much just fall back into the same pattern they were stuck in from the start of the series of lying to each other and trying to be strategic about it. Saeko’s relationship with her husband is definitely getting worse though, and she seems to be getting a lot lonelier despite her lies about seeing other guys. In the preview for Episode 5 it was hinting that her husband was going to hit her so that should put some fire into her relationship with Sota.


Overall it seems like all the characters in this drama are hopeless at love. No one seems to really be “happy” or be dating the person that they want to be. But at the same time it seems like everybody’s romance failures are what’s actually fuelling them to succeed and become better people. Especially Sota. Every time something bad happens between him and Saeko it pushes him to make something newer and better, and to be more innovative. I really want to see what happens with Saeko and her husband and how Sota reacts to it in Episode 5. If you have any comments you’d like to make about Episode 4 or what you think is going to happen next in Episode 5 go ahead and write them down below. And if you haven’t seen Episode 4 yet watch it.

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    • You haven’t been following this one? I suppose it’s more of a I dunno…Shallow drama than Boku no Ita Jikan? I like them both and they seem to be the only dramas anyone is really following this season. Maybe its due to a lack of subbers I’m not sure.

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