Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 7, what a confession.

Shitsuren Chocolatier

I haven’t really talked about Shitsuren Chocolatier much lately. I thought maybe I had actually missed an episode or something but when I watched Episode 7 it occurred to me that I’ve been watching it lately and just not writing anything about it. I guess that’s not such a bad thing either because if I wrote about it every week anyone who actually reads my blog would probably get kind of bored of the same content over and over. Anyway if you’ve been watching Shitsuren Chocolatier you’d know that in the last couple of episodes Sota decided that he would finally officially confess to Saeko that he likes her. He decides that he wants to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to do so and because of that…

The confession and all of the Valentine’s Day traffic that the store gets kind of overlaps. So he’s put in a situation where he basically sleeps for only 2 hours a night for a whole week and is furiously making chocolate to keep up with demand while trying to make a special, original box of chocolates for Saeko to confess with. Saeko wasn’t really getting much screen time in the last few episodes which is unfortunate considering how beautiful Satomi Ishihara is. But I suppose this was the scriptwriter’s way of showing how her and Sota were distant for that period while he was preparing to make his final strike. This episode doesn’t have a great deal of Saeko in it either, there are some parts where you see her and her husband not getting along well as usual but that’s really pretty much it. It was mostly just an extended montage of Sota making chocolate and border-lining on insomnia with a few side-story developments thrown in for good measure.

Episode 7

Saeko comes in during the week twice to buy chocolates from Sota’s store to give to people. The first time she comes in he doesn’t even notice because he’s so busy working on stuff, but the second time she comes in Sota suddenly decides that he can’t wait any longer and dashes out of the store following her after she leaves(he specifically picked the day before Valentine’s Day to confess because of what happened 7 years ago). By this time he’s finished the special box of chocolates that he made for her and he’s got them with him, of course. And then after some small talk he finally confesses to her…

Episode 7

And the confession is really just…awful. There is absolutely no way that anyone in real-life would appreciate the confession Sota gives to Saeko. Why do I think that? Because it’s just full of creepy-stalker-esque line after creepy-stalker-esque line. He talks about how he only became a chocolatier because she likes chocolate, he talks about how he thought he could get over her if he did something with his life and moved far away but then says that he still couldn’t stop liking her after 7 years. He even tells her about how he had been monitoring the kinds of chocolates she had bought so he could think up new ones to make for her that she would enjoy even more. The strong character he briefly turned into around Episode 3 was completely put to the side. Maybe it’s because he figured that this would be the last time he’d talk to her so it would be best for him to be honest? Either way I think this confession was only saved by the fact it came out of Jun Matsumoto’s mouth. I don’t see any other way a girl could possibly be happy hearing this in any other scenario.

But I digress…Drama isn’t real life so I guess that things like this happening in it are all part of it. If drama was too realistic it wouldn’t be interesting but at the same time I feel like it’s also not that interesting when it’s too far from reality. The toughest job a scriptwriter faces is probably trying to strike a balance between those two polar-opposite sides. It would probably be even harder for you when you can’t write an original script and have to base it off a comic or a novel, and you’re given a lot less slack to fit things into a realistic mould. Episode 8 looks like it’s going to have some pretty interesting scenes in it too, I saw some seconds of Saeko talking about leaving her house and her husband slapping her across the face. It all sounds pretty edge-of-your-seat, I can’t wait for Tuesday next week.

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2 thoughts on “Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 7, what a confession.

  1. You’re right. That type of confession and the inconsistencies of his recent personality wouldn’t make a girl respect you at all. Also it kind of sucks how he made Erena the rebound, but said it in a kinda nice way so it doesn’t seem like it. That’s just as bad as Souta’s sister’s two-timing boyfriend’s explanation to cheating – the belief that if it doesn’t work out with one girl, the remaining girl will be the right one. Okay…. Thx for the recap though!

    • Yeah I really find it hard to understand why Sota wouldn’t just go for Erena. I suppose some people are good at thinking with their minds and others are better at thinking with their hearts.

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