Shitsuren Chocolatier, Episode 8: Sota has way too many options.

Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 8

Episode 8 of Shitsuren Chocolatier came out last night and after watching it this morning I’d have to say that it was pretty good. There’s just one thing about this series that makes me laugh really hard every single time I watch it: how many options Sota has. It’s not really the fact that he’s so popular with girls that makes me laugh, it’s more the fact that he’s utterly obviously to how popular he really is. The last episode left off with Sota making his final stand and confessing to Saeko. They kissed and then she ran away from him after they had finished, with the chocolates he made for her in hand. Sota spent about a quarter of Episode 8 trying to decipher what Saeko running away from him actually meant and…

Pretty much all of the theories that he came up with were negative. He’s so negative all of the time. I think part of this drama’s charm is the short fantasies that Sota has in all the episodes about Saeko, and they probably wouldn’t be as funny as they are if he didn’t have such a negative thinking pattern. That being said, I fail to understand how a male who is so negative about love and reluctant to take chances could be so popular to the opposite gender. I think if Sota didn’t have Erena to fall back on he would be fighting a losing battle at the moment. Kaoruko likes him as well but he seems completely oblivious to her feelings and she seems a little bit too serious to become sex-friends or something with Sota like Erena has. If you think about everything that Sota has done so far for Saeko and then carefully remove the ingredient of a sex friend from it all you’ll understand what I’m talking about. For example: spend all week making a special box of chocolates for a girl, confess to her and tell her you borderline stalk her. There are two ways any confession can go – acceptance of rejection. If he were rejected in the normal situation he’s in it would just be a matter of “okay I have a backup that will do whatever I want no big deal”. If you used my theory were he has no sex friend he’d probably fall into a deep spiral of depression and I think his chances of acceptance would be substantially worse if he wasn’t popular with other girls.

I think what I want to say in all of this is that Shitsuren Chocolatier seems to have picked up on a glaring truth in society. People just want what other people have. Well, most do anyway. If people see their friends with a new smartphone or TV or watch there’s probably a big chance they’re going to end up wanting to buy it – or at least feeling jealous about it. I’m guilty of this as well from time to time. In the same way people sometimes confuse what they really want from what other people want which causes them to make rash decisions to try and gain things that they didn’t really want in the first place. I have a good feeling this is how Shitsuren Chocolatier will end. Sota finally has Saeko, she moved into the spare room at his store in Episode 8. But does Saeko really want Sota? Does Sota even really want Saeko? He spent the first few episodes talking about how she’d dated all the good looking guys in high school before. Does that mean he has been chasing her all this time because other people wanted her, and neglected to form his own true feelings? In fact I’d probably be disappointed if this series ended with Saeko and Sota together. Anyway that’s my two cents about what happened in Episode 8 and what’s happening with this series lately. If you wanna know more you should probably sit down and watch the whole thing.

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5 thoughts on “Shitsuren Chocolatier, Episode 8: Sota has way too many options.

  1. I agree with you! I definitely hope he doesn’t end with Saeko. Frankly I would like him to choose Erena, a rather more pleasant personality than Karuoko.

    Ishihara Satomi is so pretty and appealing, but of course she plays a very egotistical shallow woman. However, I think she is married to an insensitive boor [even if he agrees to the kitten]. And he has hit her, for an insignificant reason. I wouldn’t stand for that.

    • Yeah it’d be too boring if it ended like that. It wouldn’t grow him at all as a person either. I don’t think Kaoruko is a bad person she’s just not really honest enough with herself. Now I think about it more she contrasts really well with Erena.

      Her husband doesn’t seem like a nice guy at all and it’s not something that should ever be forgiven in a marriage but I think the whole situation could have been avoided by them not rushing into a marriage in the first place. They don’t seem to get along at all or share any hobbies but they got married despite that, it seems like an almost arranged marriage.

    • kaoruko is very misunderstood, people are just not getting why she is not making the move yet failing to figure out how she feels. The reason being is the fear of rejection, she has known souta for years and she does not want to make the work place very awkward and if you remember back she said herself that if time turned back she would not change anything, kaoruko herself said she already knows how he feels about her and she see’s how he looks at saeko and erena also kaoruko has the right to be angry at saeko as saeko is the girl that has lead on souta for years and kaoruko has seen her play souta for a fool all the time and im assuming that kaoruko thinks erena is turning souta into something he is not, she is seeing souta change, she is willing to sacrifice her 1 sided love for his sake, I guess that is what you call love.

      • It actually really surprises me how oblivious Sota is to her feelings despite her getting so mad all the time when the topic of other girls comes up between them. Maybe he does know that she likes him and he just chooses to ignore it or something? In any case that imaginary scene of them sleeping together in the bed at the start of the last episode that aired was actually some what believable to me. I think that realistically they’re probably going to be the ones who end up together. I feel like when she says that she’d do the same thing again even if time was turned back she’s just trying to put up a strong front though. I think she wants to show her feelings for him but she’s just a little too concerned about how everyone else(apart from her and Sota) would react and how what they would think of it.

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