Shitsuren Chocolatier(Heartbroken Chocolatier) Episode 3.

Episode 3

I was having massive trouble sleeping last night so I was up watching drama until like 3am and I saw that Episode 3 of Shitsuren Chocolatier(Heartbroken Chocolatier) was out so I decided to watch it instead of this morning. Wow Sota is becoming such a huge boss. He’s getting really good at playing hot and cold with Saeko and she’s falling for it all hook line and sinker but there’s only one thing left for him to overcome – himself.

In Episode 2 Sota decided after having a epiphany in one of his dreams that he needed to become a “bad boy” to win Saeko’s heart. He started giving her a taste of her own medicine and played some mind games with her and it all worked out really well for him. He also made a sex friend, Erena who comes to see him at his store in Episode 3. Saeko coincidentally comes in just as the two of them are hugging and it doesn’t fail to make her really jealous. By the way Sota is still having casual sex with Erena and staying over at her house and stuff. He hasn’t changed his policy about that.

Shitsuren Chocolatier

Saeko on the other hand is starting to have fights with her new husband. She gets invited to go travelling with one of her friends and it involves staying the night somewhere other than their house(obviously). Saeko’s husband absolutely refuses to give her permission to go on the trip and she argues that he’s allowed to do whatever he wants. He counters saying that he only ever goes out at night to do work related things and says that he lets her do whatever she wants during the day and that she should be satisfied with that.

Heartbroken Chocolatier

The fights between Saeko and her husband act as a catalyst to make her mind wander to thoughts about Sota. In a conversation she he has with Kaeruko in this episode she actually admits that she likes Sota and wore the short skirt over to his house in Episode 1 on purpose to try and get a reaction out of him(I think she wanted to be attacked sexually pretty much). She doesn’t tell Kaoruko the person she is talking about is Sota but she is staring at him the whole time she is having the conversation so I think that Kaoruko might have put two and two together. She ends up asking Sota out on a date at the end of the episode but he has still has no confidence that she’s taking him seriously.


Oh yeah and Olivier finally admits that he has feelings for Sota’s little sister Matsuri. That’s kind a side plot so I won’t go into a lot of detail but Matsuri is dating her friend’s boyfriend secretly. The guy tells her that he’ll break up with his current girlfriend to be with her but later on in the episode he goes back on his promise. Olivier could see this was going to happen from a mile away so when she comes home drunk one night after having a fight with the boyfriend he kisses her and she freaks out and runs upstairs. In the next episode it looks like he’s going to confess that he likes her.

Episode 3

I’m really liking this drama. It’s a typical love-triangle/square riddled drama but it also has a huge sexual twist to it that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a romantic drama before. I’m actually surprised that Ashita Mama is receiving complaints and this drama isn’t. It’s ratings for the first episode weren’t bad but they also weren’t great either(around 14%). I’m hoping that the viewers increase as it continues its broadcast so there’ll be more people to talk to about it. Anyway if you have anything you want to share about this drama please go ahead below in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Shitsuren Chocolatier(Heartbroken Chocolatier) Episode 3.

  1. I like this drama too and I read part of the manga but I don’t think they showed it but Olivier only started to like Matsuri was because he came home one day and saw her wearing cat ears (that she was forced to wear) and he was like Moeeee~

    haha just a side fact for you!

  2. I’m beginning to feel really sorry for Mizukawa Asami, I really like her and I think she’s getting a shit deal out of this šŸ™ why couldn’t they have paired Mizobata Junpei up with her?? šŸ™

    • Do you mean Mizukawa the actor or the character that she’s playing? If you’re talking about the character I think that Kaoruko will get her own love interest because that chef from Ricador keeps showing up and talking to her all the time. If you’re talking about the actress herself yeah it’s not a great part, that’s true. Maybe she’ll land a lead role in the next drama she’s in? Fingers crossed.

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