Shun Oguri confirmed for BORDER.


Is it just me or is there a lot of detective dramas coming out lately? Maybe it’s just the way it’s always been but I never realised it until now. A couple of days ago it was confirmed that Shun Oguri will be appearing in a new Japanese drama called BORDER. This is going to be Oguri’s first appearance in a lead role on TV Asahi. The writer for the script of this drama, Kazuki Kaneshiro, also wrote the script for GO and some other drama specials. Aside from Shun Oguri the drama will also be featuring Munetaka Aoki, Haru, Kenichi Endo, Arata Furuta, Kenichi Takito, Kenta Hamano and Toru Nomaguchi among others. If you want some details about the storyline please hit the jump and keep reading.

This drama is different from most detective dramas. The character that Shun Oguri plays, Ishikawa, becomes very desensitised to death during working as a detective. One day there is an incident where he is shot in the head and he dies but is saved miraculously. When Ishikawa comes back to life he realises that he now possesses the ability to talk to dead people. But, he can only talk to the dead before their physical bodies are cremated. If they are cremated the time limit expires and he can no longer communicate with them. Ishikawa uses this new found ability to assist him in solving incidents that he investigates.


I am extremely excited for BORDER. The plot seems pretty original and it looks like this drama will have everything people love about detective drama with a new fresh focus on spirits and the after-life. I really like Shun Oguri’s acting(he’s actually probably my favourite Japanese actor, I especially enjoyed Rich Man Poor Woman) so I’m glad to see him in another main role – he didn’t really appear so much in WOMAN which was disappointing. I was also pretty happy to see that Arata Furuta and Kenichi Endo are on cast. These two men were born to play detective roles as evidenced by their acting styles in Ando Lloyd and Inpei Sousa respectively(yeah, I’m actually starting to get into Inpei Sousa despite it being an obvious Hanzawa Naoki copy). Is anybody else excited for BORDER? Please tell me what you think below in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Shun Oguri confirmed for BORDER.

  1. Well, I like Oguri Shun, I remember him as a small, scrawny teenager in Great Teacher Onizuka [the first one]. But he is very good in all dramas and movies. I think talking to the dead is just another device, but so what. It will probably be a good drama.

  2. Yay, all you’ve written makes me so excited about this drama!!! First: detective, my fav genre of all!!! Then: Oguri Shun – he’s also on my list of top Japanese actors 🙂 (just finishes Rich Man Poor Woman following your recommendation), then Kenichi Endo – how many detective roles did he so far??? He’s totally made for that character! Furuta Arata – I fell for him in Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai, and love him since then! And talking to dead ppl is just a cool (?) bonus!
    Ah, btw, speaking of “Sousa” – I watched Inpei Sousa first ep., stated that is not bad, but Sakai Masato’s acting is exactly the same as in Hanazawa Naoki, so I decided to take a break not to get bored with it, but I will go on one day.
    Butt… pretty please, could you consider subbing the third season of Iryu Sousa???? Just think of it if and when you have some time. Kamikawa Takaya is really amazing! And I can provide you with the raws 😀
    Sorry for this loooong comment, but I obviously got much excited, lol

    • Ahhhh wayyyyyy too many detective dramas next season. I like the genre but I want them to try some new stuff too. Too many body switching/detective dramas. I at least like the fact BORDER is going to have the communicating with dead people part, that should make it stand out from other run of the mill police dramas.

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