Smoking Gun ~ Ketteiteki Shouko Episode 1.

Smoking Gun

I thought today that I’d write another recap about a new drama from this season, this time I’m going to write about ‘Smoking Gun ~ Ketteiteki Shouko’ Episode 1. I made another post about this drama when details about it were first released but there wasn’t too much to write about at that stage, now the first episode has finally aired I can spill a few more details about it. A lot of Shingo Katori fans were excited for this drama when news came out about it and there were also a lot of people that dislike Katori’s acting saying that it would flop. So how did it measure up in the end? Keep reading to find out.

This drama is about a curly-haired forensic investigator called Midori Nagareda(Shingo Katori) who works at a private firm. His firm mostly deals with cases where people are wrongly accused of petty crimes that the police refuse to investigate, but they also do much larger cases like investigations for insurance. The episode kicks off with some flashbacks about Midori’s past and him waking up to his girlfriend dead next to him in 2011. Then we get fast forwarded to 2014, where he takes on an investigation on the spot to prove that a middle-aged man in a crowded elevator didn’t sexually harrass(chikan in Japanese) Mariya Nishiuchi’s character ‘Sakurako’. There is another older woman who says she “witnessed” the man touch Sakurako’s behind. Midori investigates, lifts fingerprints from Sakurako’s skirt and proves that it was actually the other woman that touched her – not the older man. The older man’s name gets cleared and he runs off without paying Midori.

Shingo Katori

Sakurako is very impressed with Midori’s work so she finds his office and comes in to ask for his help with her father who has passed away recently in a fire. Because her father’s insurance company found the probability of suicide to be high in their own investigation they refuse to pay out to Sakurako and her mother. Midori launches into investigation mode and half-way through Sakurako decides that she doesn’t want to know the truth any more and withdraws her request. Midori ends up completely ignoring this and continues investigating despite her attempts to stop him. Sakurako is convinced that her father did kill himself but Midori insists that it’s important to find out the truth, because she wanted to know it in the first place.

Smoking Gun

The investigation ends on a happy note when Midori finds out that Sakurako’s father didn’t end up killing himself. There was actually a chemical reaction brought upon by the rain and a few other unfortunate circumstances that caused the fire that took her father’s life. He had bought a cheap necklace for Sakurako’s birthday(he was absolutely drenched in debt that’s why suicide was classed as “highly probable”) and had been polishing the dirt off it using a chemical. This, along with the rain and sulphur that was inside his workplace all combined to start a huge fire that took his life. There was evidence that he didn’t attempt to run away from the fire but that was due to the fact that he had dropped Sakurako’s necklace under a table an tried to save it before saving himself. After this is proved Midori’s boss ends up strong-arming the insurance company into paying out and gives a job to Sakurako at the investigation office.

I actually really enjoyed watching this drama. Like I’ve said before I liked Katori in MONSTERS and I actually think that he’s a pretty good actor despite what a lot of other people say. I think that he handled this role really well and although I haven’t read the original work seeing him on screen didn’t remind me of MONSTERS at all, so that’s probably a good sign that his acting in Smoking Gun was distinct from it. I also think that him and Nishiuchi are a good combination, just like Tamaki and Goriki were in Watashi no Kirai na Tantei. The forensic investigation parts and the special effects in them are also really good. If you want to catch this drama it’s airing on Fuji TV every week from 10pm on Wednesday nights.

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15 thoughts on “Smoking Gun ~ Ketteiteki Shouko Episode 1.

  1. I think Shingo is a really good actor and people really underestimate him that’s a pity. You should watch him in one of the latest Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari, he’s acting is flawless and in Kurobe no Taiyou and Bara no nai Hanaya I think these are his bests Dramas.
    I still haven’t seen Smoking gun fully just a little bit of the beginning but I will to watch it when there’s subs for it.

    • Thanks for the comment Jade. I haven’t seen either of those dramas, I’ll try watching them when I have some free time. Are they very old? I hope someone picks up Smoking Gun too, it’s a good drama.

      • No, The are not very old Bara no nai is from 2008 and kurobe 2009. Yeah sometimes he overacts but depends on the character he does that usually when the character is funny but when it serious he does a good job.

  2. I agree about Bara no nai Hanaya being one of Katori’s best. That’s because the role obliged him to be reserved and discreet. But generally I don’t care for him much because of his tendency to overact. I remember he was in an interesting drama [Love Story] with Toyokawa Etsushi and Nakayama Miho, and there was such a contrast between the two men, Toyokawa so reserved, almost too much, and Katori so expansive.

    Whether I will watch it depends more on which dramas will be subbed!

    • Okay that’s two people that comment on my blog telling me Bara no Nai Hanaya is good, I better watch it. I kind of understand what you mean about him overacting though, maybe it’s a result of being a pop star rather than an actor? Yeah it’s still pretty early in the game, I’m sure someone will pick it up.

      • Re Katori: Kimutaku is a pop star as well, and was hugely popular, but he is simply a far better actor. He can be discreet, or funny, or somber. Look at Fukuyama Masaru. He is a very popular pop star, but his acting is faultless.

        Katori is best when serious. When comic he fall too easily into farce.

        • Yeah if I was asked whether Kimutaku or Katori were a better actor in my opinion I’d definitely answer Kimutaku but when you think about it (at least I feel) Kimutaku has been given a lot more opportunities to shine in lead roles – and he’s had his fair share of ‘flops’ too. I really did enjoy him in PRICELESS though, Ando Lloyd was great too 2 seasons back.

  3. If you have the time, could you pls write a review about “Black Border” too (the one with Oguri Shun in it). I read the plot and I think it’s quite interesting (a detective who can see ghost) and I really want to hear your opinion because you did a good job with the preview of smoking gun πŸ˜€

  4. The story/script of Bara no nai Hanaya was good… and don’t fall in love with Yuko Takeuchi after watching it πŸ˜€

  5. So glad someone mention BNNH!!! Still his best to date though I enjoy him all the time. His dramas as a whole aren’t much to write about but his performance is usually solid.
    I think long gone are the times for there to be reliance on one central performance or name to carry a drama. Fans and production companies need to stop looking for that as an indicator of what or who’s “good.”

    Thanks for the info. Been on my list for awhile. Definitely turning this on this week!

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