Spring 2014 Drama MOZU.

MOZU Drama

There’s another drama that’s coming out in Spring that I have my eyes on, it’s called MOZU. A couple of years ago TBS(Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc.) and WOWOW teamed up to make a drama called Double Face and it was actually a pretty well-acclaimed. The stations are teaming up again to make a new drama, MOZU, based off the novels of the same author that wrote the original work for Double Face: Go Osaka. The director(Eichiro Hasumi) and staff are also going to be the same as they were for Double Face.  Read on for more details.

I think that Double Face was a big success because of its cast. I haven’t watched it personally(hey, maybe I actually will watch it now?) but after looking at some descriptions of it and seeing the cast members it gave me a pretty strong impression. MOZU isn’t going to fail in this department either, it’ll be featuring Hidetoshi Nishijima, Teruyuki Kagawa(who you might remember from Hanzawa Naoki), Yoko Maki, Kasumi Arimura, Sosuke Ikematsu, Yuroiko Ishida, Atsushi Ito, Fumiyo Kohinata and Hiroki Hasegawa among others. There aren’t many details about the storyline currently but it’s going to be a police drama, focused on two police security team members and their investigation of a contract killer named “MOZU”.  MOZU will be split into 2 separate seasons that are each based off one novel. The first season will air in April of this year and the second season should be airing in Summer.

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8 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Drama MOZU.

  1. That duo (Nishijima Hidetoshi & Kagawa Teruyuki) also worked in Double Face, they were the main characters…

    It seems a reunion… (^__^)

  2. i think I would be interested in this. I like Yoko Maki a lot, she is pretty and a good actress, I like Hidetoshi Nishijima, who I remember from Strawberry Night. I like Teruyuki Kagawa a lot less, though I have seen him in lots of dramas and movies, and I have to admit he is a pretty good actor.

    I did see Double Face. It was very somber. I don’t like it all that much, but watched till the end. Just an SP though.

  3. Double Face is a 2part SP. Damn, it was intense. Based off Infernal Affairs, a 3part Hong Kong movie. I think it’s pretty good. If you’re into police dramas, you could def try it out. I’ve watched enough Jap dramas to be able to guess what the next move or twist is, but this was ‘wait what?!’ here and there. And then going ‘oh shit shit SHIT!’ here and there as well. xD

    Back to topic, looking forward to this! Liking Yoko Maki a lot! Have never seen her around before Himawari, the one with Ikuta Toma, and suddenly she’s popping up everywhere! Watched some dramas because she’s in it too.

    • Thanks for the facts I didn’t know any of that. I like detective dramas a lot more than I should, there’s just so much choice lately! I think the producers must be pretty confident about this since it’s already booked for a second season.

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