New Stew-flavoured Ice Cream in Japan.

So we all know that Japanese food is renowned for being pretty innovative, or just plain weird in some cases. So I wasn’t actually too surprised to do my news rounds this morning and find that there is a new ice cream out in Japan that is stew-flavoured. Even though I wasn’t really surprised, I did find the information interesting enough to translate and post on here so I can’t say that I was totally unmoved by the original article. I don’t know how many people reading…

my blog are up with all the Japanese candy brands and names but there’s an Ice Cream in Japan called Gari Gari kun and they (up until now) made just normal non-savoury flavoured ice creams. I’ve posted before about Gari Gari, when they were doing a collaborative promotion with Pokemon earlier in the year. That was a pretty good idea, and I’m sure it did something for the marketing of the new Pokemon games that’ll be coming out later on in the year. They also did a Monster Hunter collaboration earlier this year. But stew flavour? C’mon man. Who is going to buy this? I don’t think I’ve had a savoury-flavoured ice cream once in my entire life. But I want to try it. I don’t think that it’ll end up gaining huge popularity but I guess at least they’re trying something new, setting them apart from most Japanese companies that just recycle the same formula over and over again and slowly kill themselves as generations change. I wonder what’ll be next? Hopefully a curry flavour. What kind of flavours would you guys want in an ice cream? I’m curious. Comment below.


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5 thoughts on “New Stew-flavoured Ice Cream in Japan.

  1. I have tried shio aji (salt flavour), lavender flavour, and goma (sesame) ice cream. But stew?? I’ll think twice (or many times :P) before I try it. I wonder if they’ll make kimchi or natto flavour…

    • I know right. But at least they’re trying something new I guess? I can’t complain considering I hate it how Nintendo never drastically changes their formula with Pokemon so I’m trying to be open-minded about it.

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