Subs for Episode 2 of Binta!

Yoyoyo, first post in a couple of weeks. Like I said I plan on continuing with this drama as long as everyone who is watching it(only a few people) are happy with letting me go at my own casual pace. It’s a pretty casual, happy-go-lucky drama anyway so it’s probably fitting. These subtitles are timed to VampireXxX’s release over at D-Addicts(thanks for uploading by the way, subbing wouldn’t be possible without you). So jump over there for the raws. In other news I applied for a Japanese Working Holiday visa so I should be returning to the motherland(I’ve got this in reverse for some reason) at the start of next year if they approve me.

I hope you enjoy Episode 2 of Binta!


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10 thoughts on “Subs for Episode 2 of Binta!

  1. Take your time. Fansubbing is a service and we fans are glad to have you doing this on a voluntary basis. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you!
    I have been quite busy/tired and I thought I would not matter too much if I waited a little… But as I finally decided to download this drama as you are subbing it, I discovered that the torrent section of d-addict as close down, today!!!
    I am quite gutted I did not wake up earlier!
    Anyway thank you for your subs, I hope you’ll continue. I will try to find raws from somewhere else and wait for D-A 2.0!
    I hope you’ll get your visa!

  3. Hey, are you OK? I am not asking for subs, or anything like that – just dropped by to see what’s up, and … no new posts 🙁 Just wondering, how’s life?

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