Subtitles for Episode 1 of Binta!

So now that HERO is over and done with I thought I’d try out something a bit easier, and way less popular. The drama I decided to make my next project is Binta! ~ Bengoshi Jimuin Minowa ga Ai de Kaiketsushimasu. This drama is about a pretty rough-around-the-edges guy named Bunta Minowa who ends up working as an assistant at a lawyers office, he has his own pretty radical way of sorting out arguments or issues that people have and each episode is (apparently) going to feature him slapping people – hence the word Binta. Because this isn’t going to be as popular as HERO, I’ll only continue subbing it if people are actually watching it. As long as there are people watching it I’m happy to keep subbing it. Like I said, it’s way easier than HERO. So yeah, if you’re taking these subtitles please tell me below in the comments section so I know they’re getting used.

  • Don’t hard code these or re-upload them anywhere except D-Addicts.
  • Don’t ask me to translate other stuff from like a year ago or over, there’s a window of opportunity for dramas and that is the season they air in.
  • Feel free to re-translate into another language or re-time these for another release(but post them on D-Addicts if you do).
  • Feel free to link to to my site or this post(or the D-Addicts thread – that I should be making soon).

These subtitles are timed to the semi-fly release(I’m pretty sure it’s the only release) on D-Addicts. I hope you enjoy the first episode of this light-hearted drama.


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13 thoughts on “Subtitles for Episode 1 of Binta!

  1. I am going to try this, but I have to tell you I am a bit dubious. Some dramas I get hooked on and watch as soon as I download them. Others I do download, but don’t get around to watching for a while. I sometimes wait till I can convert them to avi and burn a dvd. Of course it depends a lot on who the actors/actresses are, not to speak of the subject.

    Since you ask, I will certainly watch that first episode, and I will let you know whether I intend to continue. I know it’s a lot of work to sub.

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