Subtitles for Episode 10 of HERO.

Hey everyone, sorry about how long this took to finish. The last episode came out this week and I haven’t started on it yet, I just finished this one this morning. The last episode is extended too so I’m probably going to need a little more time than usual to finish it but I will finish it(I mean who would get to the last episode and quit right?). Anyway I hope you enjoy Episode 10, check back at the end of next week for the subtitles for the final. Thanks.

  • Don’t hard code these or re-upload them anywhere except D-Addicts.
  • Don’t ask me to translate other stuff from like a year ago or over, there’s a window of opportunity for dramas and that is the season they air in.
  • Feel free to re-translate into another language or re-time these for another release(but post them on D-Addicts if you do).
  • Feel free to link to to my site or this post(or the D-Addicts thread).
  • Don’t comment asking when the next episode is coming out. It’ll be ready when it’s ready.ย I hate rushing things.


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28 thoughts on “Subtitles for Episode 10 of HERO.

  1. i never comment on anything but i want to comment thanks .. as no one would have done this .. i wish i could but i dont know how to speak japanese.. so I really thank you for letting me understand a show that i really like

  2. thank you for all the time & effort you have made towards this series. the last episode will be done whenever it’s done….and we are all grateful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks for the subs for this series! No worries about the slight drag, we all know about RL problems! Wanna ask, would you happen to have any intention on subbing the spinoff? 4 short episodes, each one about 10 minutes.

  4. Thank you for your hard work on this. Take your time–it has us savoring each episode, especially the last one! Appreciate your huge efforts in completing this series.

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