Subtitles for Episode 2 of HERO 2014.

I finished the subtitles for Episode 2 of HERO 2014 yesterday and used a little bit of time this morning just to check for spelling mistakes and stuff in the final draft. Should be good now. There was a discussion on the D-Addicts thread about the “kenji” suffix, which is staying but is now going to be in lower-case after the hyphen. There was some other suggestion put forward a couple of times about “Kenji-san” being confusing, but when you think about it, when I’m watching this series without subtitles in straight Japanese the actors are still saying “Kenji-san” and I have absolutely no trouble inferring that they aren’t talking about a person named Kenji…If you’re confusing Kenji-san with Endo that also makes no sense because they all just call him Endo anyway(and you will see a play on words involving his name in THIS episode). Either way in most cases in this new set of subtitles “Mr. Prosecutor” has been used anyway. Maybe not all of them, I can’t remember. Okay I’m pretty sure that’s all the business that needed getting out of the way, keep reading for the download link.

Pretty easy rules to remember for my subtitle releases:

  • You don’t need permission to translate into another language, but credit would be nice.
  • You can link to my blog or the thread on D-Addicts without asking for my permission, I don’t mind that at all.
  • You can also re-time them for your preferred release(they’re timed to JDramaCity’s releases) without asking for my permission. Just please post them in the D-Addicts thread to avoid confusion.
  • Don’t hard code them and re-upload them.

Anyway I hope you enjoy Episode 2 of HERO 2014, here’s the subtitles in .ass format:



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19 thoughts on “Subtitles for Episode 2 of HERO 2014.

  1. I appreciate you translating and subbing this drama! I just finished HERO 1 and the Special this past weekend. I was gearing up for episode 2 of HERO 2.^_^ Thank you kindly for all your hard work. I enjoy reading subtitles that are authentic to the Japanese language such as your use of “kenji”. Thank you again!

  2. Thank youuuuuu 😀
    I don’t mind any “kenjis” – for me, it is absolutely clear that it referres to the position, not the name, lol
    But I guess, there are some ppl who do not speak any Japanese, so they could possibly by mistaken – especially if they don’t think much 🙂

    • Ahhh I’m not really taking a hit at anyone specifically or implying that people are stupid, I more just wanted to voice the fact that the apparent confusingness of it is still equally as apparent in the native language of the series. Thanks for watching anyways!

  3. I’m of the opinion that if a word can be translated, it SHOULD be translated.

    The -kenji suffix can be translated. Therefore it should be translated.

  4. THanks so much. Hope Episode 3 will be done soon. Its really great to follow such a good show in such a way. Arigtaou

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