Subtitles for Episode 4 of BORDER.

Hey guys, hope everybody’s weekend is going well. I just finished the subtitles for Episode 4 of BORDER this morning so I thought I’d put them up. I read some news that this drama is getting pretty popular in ratings, even to the point where it beat MOZU last week. I might write a little more about that later on in the week if I get the chance. This week’s episode was more interesting than the one last week in my opinion, but I’m still not sure if there’s going to be anything about that religious organization from Episode 1. They haven’t talked about it since so maybe there isn’t going to be an overarching plot? Hit the jump to download the subtitles file for Episode 4.

Okay. If you want to link to my blog, this post or translate the subtitles into another language you’re welcome to do so without asking for my permission. If you’re going to put the files anywhere else or hard code them into a video file then please be courteous and ask for my permission. It’d also be cool if you could credit me somewhere too, I would really appreciate it. You’ll find the .ass file for Episode 4 below. The subtitles are timed to Fransu’s release, you can find more information about that at J-Drama City. I hope you enjoy Episode 4! Episode 5 will be out next week at the usual time.


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29 thoughts on “Subtitles for Episode 4 of BORDER.

  1. First thanks for the sub… Great ep except for that little mistake.. your side-note made me laugh hahah I was just thinking the same thing then I saw your side note on the screen… it was nice to see that I was not the only one thinking the same thing… keep the good work..

    • Yeah when I first heard him say that I was like what…Maybe I heard wrong. Listened to the audio like 3 times. Made no sense at all haha.

  2. Episode 4 was an amazing story!!! totally love it >.<
    cant wait to watch other episode~
    thanks for the subs~^^

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