Subtitles for Episode 5 of HERO Season 2.

Wow what a week it’s been. I’ve finally managed to finish the subtitles for Episode 5 of HERO this morning, and if you keep reading you can download them at the end of this post. I’m actually sick at the moment so forgive me if there are any small spelling errors still in there. In this episode Kawajiri-buchou takes on a case himself in Kuryuu’s place and hits a lot of walls during investigation. There’s even some talk of him quitting in the episode…I won’t go into too much detail anyway it’s probably better if you watch it for yourselves. That’s why you’re here after all, right? Keep reading for a link to the subtitles.

  • Don’t hard code these or re-upload them anywhere except D-Addicts.
  • Don’t ask me to translate other stuff from like a year ago or over, there’s a window of opportunity for dramas and that is the season they air in.
  • Feel free to re-translate into another language or re-time these for another release(but post them on D-Addicts if you do).
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32 thoughts on “Subtitles for Episode 5 of HERO Season 2.

  1. thanks so much for the subs. really appreciate your dedication, even though the drama is difficult. hope you feel better.

  2. Thank you very much! I am always amazed at how much (free) hard work you put into translating and making subtitles. Every time I watch a drama with subs, I find myself wondering how can people like you do it…it seems like a super complicated process! Anyways, I just want to let you know that I really appreciate your commitment and hope you feel better soon 🙂

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