Subtitles for Episode 9 of HERO.

Looks like there’s only two more episodes of HERO after this one, with a total of 11. I’m getting really close to the end of this series and I’ve gotta say that it’ll be kind of sad to see it finish but I guess that’s all a part of watching drama. It’s gotta end eventually. Keep reading for the subtitles for Episode 9 of HERO.

  • Don’t hard code these or re-upload them anywhere except D-Addicts.
  • Don’t ask me to translate other stuff from like a year ago or over, there’s a window of opportunity for dramas and that is the season they air in.
  • Feel free to re-translate into another language or re-time these for another release(but post them on D-Addicts if you do).
  • Feel free to link to to my site or this post(or the D-Addicts thread).
  • Don’t comment asking when the next episode is coming out. It’ll be ready when it’s ready. I hate rushing things.


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8 thoughts on “Subtitles for Episode 9 of HERO.

  1. Thank you for the subs for ep09. This drama is a fun show, not very serious with an occasional moral point – a little bit of fluff for kimutaku and kitagawa keiko.

  2. I find this an enjoyable series, as usual with Kimutaku. Well, all good things come to an end, but I do hope he does another interesting one next year. When he was a bit younger, he was in very good dramas which put more in evidence his acting ability. I am thinking of Karei naru Ichizoku, Pride, and Beautiful Life. Many others as well, of course.

    Thanks you so much, and take your time.

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