Subtitles for HERO Season 2 Episodes 3 & 4.

Hey everybody, I haven’t been posting on here much lately but that’s just because I’ve been kind of busy with work and other stuff. I probably just need to strike a balance with everything that I’ve got on my plate and try and post on here a little more. I’ve also been taking a little bit more time than I usually do to sub things but that’s because I’m trying to do it all at a steady pace and not burn out. Anyway, if you’re worried about the progress it’s okay. I plan to finish this series everyone is just going to have to be patient time-wise. This is probably the most time consuming drama I’ve subbed so far, but it’s probably also the most interesting too. Okay, keep reading for the links to subtitles for Episode 3 and 4. Episode 3 has been on D-Addicts for awhile now but I only got around to posting it here today. I’ll post Episode 4 to D-Addicts this weekend too.

No ripping then re-uploading. No re-uploading my subtitles on your site. You’re allowed to re-translate or link to my site or the D-Addicts thread without permission. That’s it, easy. I hope you enjoy Episodes 3 and 4 of this great drama.


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25 thoughts on “Subtitles for HERO Season 2 Episodes 3 & 4.

  1. It’s finally out. Been waiting for this : ). I’m really glad this ep saw the return of an old cast. Thank you for the sub !!!

  2. thank you! honestly i never bother with subs for japanese shows because i’m too picky about translations, but yours are great!

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