Sukitte Ii Na Yo Movie gets One Direction Theme Song.

Details for the theme song of the live-action movie of Kanae Hatsugi’s hit manga “Sukitte Ii Na Yo” were released today, it’s going to be One Direction’s hit song Happily. The staff for the movie commented saying that the overall vibe, melody and flow of the song were perfect for the new movie. While I’m sure that the song isn’t bad I can’t say that I’m a huge One Direction fan(or really a hater either, just indifferent). I don’t think this is something that happens very often with Japanese movies, anime or drama either – I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard of an English song being picked over Japanese ones. Sukitte Ii Na Yo is a story about a 16 year old girl named Mei who never made friends or had a boyfriend in her who is one day thrown into a love story with her school’s most popular male student Yamato. The live action movie is going to be released from 7/12 in Japan with Haruna Kawaguchi playing Mei and Sota Fukushi as Yamato.

Source: Natalie.

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One thought on “Sukitte Ii Na Yo Movie gets One Direction Theme Song.

  1. OMG, where’s this world going to? 😉 Actually I’m kinda allergic to 1D – which is not quite logical, since I am a devoted fan of other boysbands, both Japanese and Korean (plus some Chinese too), but hey! I love Fukushi Sota to bits and Haruna Kawaguchi is a cute thing, so I guess, I’ll try to forget this info and enjoy the movie for the plot and cast 🙂

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