Summer Nude: Impressions.

So in usual fashion, today I thought I’d talk about another drama again that I’m following and enjoying this season. This time I’m going to write about Summer Nude, which most people would know as “the drama this season Yamapi is in”. This drama is a bit different, mostly because it’s set in a beach town in Japan.

So the main character of the drama is a 28 year old man named Asahi, played by Tomohisa Yamashita. Asahi works as a Cameraman and he has not been able to get over his ex-girlfriend Kasumi, who disappeared from town three years ago. He was very, very in love with her. In the three years she’s been gone he hasn’t dated any other girls, he’s kept a DVD that they promised to watch together and hasn’t watched it but pays late fees on it every week, and he greets a billboard in town with her face on it pretty much every morning.

Even though he’s still waiting for Kasumi there’s another girl in town that likes him, and has always like him for about 10 years named Hanae, Erika Toda. She’s been there for him for the last 3 years when Kasumi hasn’t but Asahi is at first unable to notice this at all. She shows absolutely no signs of giving up on him though, kind of in the same way he shows no signs of giving up on waiting for Kasumi.

He ends up doing some camerawork for a wedding, where the next most important character comes in – Natsuki Chiyohara, played by Karina. Natsuki gets left at the alter on her wedding day and Asahi accidentally takes photos of this event taking place, as a result of his insensitiveness she punches him in the stomach.

Fast forward a bit more and it’s getting closer to Summer, which means its time for what was Asahi and Kasumi’s favourite beach side restaurant to open as it does every year, but the owner of the store is pregnant and obviously can’t work. Asahi decides that if Kasumi came back(as if she will after 3 years) she’d be upset if her favourite restaurant was gone so he tries to convince Natsuki take over the restaurant temporarily(Natsuki actually used to be a chef but quit because of the wedding). Natsuki is really reluctant at first but eventually he’s able to convince her to do it.

And then her comments and disapproval of the way Asahi lives his life start. She criticises him for keeping the rental DVD, the way he ignores Kanae’s feelings for him and just in general the fact that he’s waiting for someone that will never come back. This is a first for Asahi because most people have just given up on trying to convince him years ago but Natsuki is stubborn and won’t let up on it.

So, to sum things up the hot point of this drama is who Asahi is going to end up with at the end: Will Kasumi suddenly come back for Asahi? Will Natsuki fall for him? Or will he start noticing Hanae and reciprocate the feelings she’s has for him all this time? I’m up to episode 4 so far and it’s still very unclear which direction things are going in because there’s been developments in all areas except the possibility of Kasumi returning.

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