Subs for Episode 2 of Binta!

Yoyoyo, first post in a couple of weeks. Like I said I plan on continuing with this drama as long as everyone who is watching it(only a few people) are happy with letting me go at my own casual pace....
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Subtitles for Episode 1 of Binta!

So now that HERO is over and done with I thought I’d try out something a bit easier, and way less popular. The drama I decided to make my next project is Binta! ~ Bengoshi Jimuin Minowa ga Ai de Kaiketsushimasu....
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HERO 2014 Subtitles Episode 1.

HERO 2014
Sorry I didn’t make my regular post yesterday everyone(the 3 people that probably read my blog regularly) but I was wrestling with the subtitles for the first episode of the new season of HERO. It was a pretty epic battle,...
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Gokuaku Ganbo Episode 1.

About a month ago I wrote about a new drama coming out called “Gokuaku Ganbo” starring Machiko Ono and yesterday I watched Episode 1 of it. Ono plays the main character called Kaoru who has lived life on a low-level...
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Alice no Toge Episode 1 Recap.

I managed to watch Episode 1 of Alice no Toge on the weekend, which is a new TBS drama featuring Juri Ueno in the lead role as a doctor named ‘Asumi Mizuno’. Alice no Toge would probably fall into two...
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