Takashi Sorimachi has to pay up.


Japanese star Takashi Sorimachi has been ordered by the High Court in Tokyo to pay up over 17 million yen in compensation after the dog that he was keeping at his mansion bit one of the other residents living in the same building. The person that was attacked by the dog has since left the building completely and the Real Estate company that manages the complex is bringing the action against him. This is just an estimate of what he will be paying so far, so it’s not in concrete but the figure shouldn’t be too far off the one they actually order. The figure was actually bumped up from the originally one of only around 3 million yen.

Everything took place in 2011 sometime and he is essentially paying for 9 months of rent for the other apartment, which means he got off considerably well considering it actually took the Real Estate company over 17 months to find a new resident after the old one left as a result of the incident. He is also being ordered to pay the Real Estate company’s legal fees. There is one thing that I do not understand about all of this though, and that’s why they aren’t taking any actions agains the party that was bitten.

The Offender

Look, I understand it’s probably pretty traumatic to be bitten by a dog and that it’d be probably be pretty nerve-wrecking to live right next to the house of the person’s dog who bit you but I’m almost confident there would be no clauses in the contract with the Real Estate company that would allow you to end it prematurely because of being “bitten by a dog”. I yeah maybe, just maybe there is some sort of boiler plate clause that allows you to break the contract and the incident just happens to fall under that but there’d be a pretty low chance.

Of course, the article I read really only had the very basic facts of everything that happened but something about all of it just seems off to me. I think I’ll research this incident a little more and try and find out why the originally ordered sum was increased so drastically. And also why he is the only one paying damages to the Real Estate company, you’d think that they would pursue some kind of litigation against the person who left. What do you guys think about all of this? Any Takashi Sorimachi fans out there?

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