Takuya Kimura and the new season of HERO.

I read some pretty interesting news the other day, apparently Takuya Kimura from SMAP is going to be appearing in a Fuji TV drama called HERO in September this year. But the surprising thing is that the drama isn’t actually new, it’s being resurrected and last aired in 2001 on the same network. This is going to be Kimutaku’s first Tsuki 9 drama since PRICELESS that aired two years ago, which received a pretty mixed response from viewers. I haven’t seen HERO(I must have been like 11 back then?) but it looks pretty interesting because Kimutaku plays a prosecutor in it. The news I’ve read about it also says that it was really popular with ratings over 30% for most episodes. Actress Takako Matsu will be appearing too so I’m going to make sure to keep my eyes peeled for this one come September.

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19 thoughts on “Takuya Kimura and the new season of HERO.

  1. Ahhh, I was so thrilled when I saw this news last week! If you haven’t seen the 2001 Hero series – I recommend it to you with all my might – it’s a great drama, and Kimura/ Matsu combi sure is fun. This time KimuTaku wil be paired with Keiko Kitagawa, so it should be interesting as well! She did a pretty good job in Dokushin Kizoku lately, so I think, we can expect a good show! I am REALLY looking forward to it! And I hope, my fav band member will get high ratings this time!!!!

  2. I second Jorian’s opinion. I liked Hero very much, and I thought Kimutaku was very good in it. They also did a special in 2006. I urge you, when you have time, to look for his older dramas, like Beautiful Life, Pride, Love Generation, Change, etc. They are truly good. They also show how he can go from comic to sensitive and serious.

    • I’m going to take your advice on this because you recommended Strawberry Night to me a few months ago and I ended up watching all of it over like a week haha.

  3. Hero introduced to me some of my favourite Japanese actors which include Hiroshi Abe and Fumiyo Kohinata. I would love to see Takuya Kimura in Hero again but why a reboot ? Why not a continuation of his character from Hero? This seems to be the current trend just now, instead of fresh new dramas and movies featuring some of our favourite characters why do they rehash the old dramas without the previous steller quality storylines of the old ones. Is it lack of imaginatiion or just plain laziness on the part of the writers? Maybe it’s because the previous series and Specials were such a success it’s not money down the drain for the TV companies and studios.
    I just hope they maintain the old standard whilst trying to capture a new audience.


  4. how interesting! I loved the show, and Kimura! I also enjoy watching Abe Hiroshi, who was in it too. I think it was one of the first jdramas I ever watched. I look forward to seeing this new version. however, I am a little puzzled. while a remake of a show isn’t unheard of, what IS odd is why is the same actor doing the same role? while I’m not really complaining, wouldn’t it make more sense to have totally different actors, like they did in HanaKimi? (the more recent adaptation was bad compared to the original…I hope Hero won’t follow the same pattern…)

  5. nasukashii… this drama getting me to love jpop (utada hikaru – can u keep a secret)… my first japanese song and it always be.

    not sure KeikoxKimutaku pairing going to be superb or not… not sure no actress can beat Takako Matsu when comes to the strong chemistry… Takako x Kimutaku banzaii

  6. Ummm, guys, correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to be the second season, and hopefully not a remake (I agree with Watanuki, that what happened to HanaKimi was a total disaster).
    This is at least what I understood from the article in TokyoHive here:
    plus Asian Wiki says, that (…) “His unique habits as prosecutor has not changed over the past 13 years of his work.” – so it looks more like a continuation after 13 yrs, than recycling, right?

  7. It is a continuation, it will happen 7 years after the movie was over. I’m not excited with this first no Abe Hiroshi and no Matsu Takako? Second they Have the drama series , a sp and a movie I think they explored what they could from hero, third hero is a legend, with High rating top box office, And this Hero won’t get the same ratings the midia will be having the time of their live putting all the blame in Kimura, And how this hero couldn’t get the same rating as the first, this could Hurt Kimura’s carrer and as fan not only from him but Smap, Is something that I rather not see. That’s Why I think this is a bad idea.

    • oh, I didn’t realize that. πŸ™‚ now it makes sense.

      I remember reading somewhere that Kimura does not do sequels (season 2’s), so I guess he’s now changing his mind? regardless, I’m looking forward to it, whether it is great or a train wreck. πŸ™‚

  8. Even though I like 2001’s Hero, somehow I’m not that thrilled with the plan of remaking. Hero back then was excellent as it is and I hope the new one won’t topple that excellency. Plus, why would make a remake without the original cast, Takako Matsu?

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  10. HERO was definitely my no.1 favorite drama from Kimutaku. 2nd would be Long Vacation.. I just love it. Love all the cast Matsu Takako, Abe Hiroshi, Otsuke Nene. They’re all awesome and have great chemistry. I just love everything about HERO.. Can’t wait if there’s really a new series of it and hopefully all the cast would be the same =)

  11. interesting! Hero was super popular back then, i watched 2 or 3 episodes but i never mange to finish it,maybe i’ll pick it up again before watching the 2014 series, because surely i’ll check it out~

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