Tenshi to Jump, Christmas Special.

Tenshi to Jump

So there’s not a lot of drama out to watch at the moment. We’ve come to the end of this season and we’re gearing up for the next season starting from early January. Though I’m sure there are a lot of people that are still hanging out for the last episode of 49, which should be broadcasting on the 28th. That being said, I’ve been hanging out for my drama fix and there was a two-part NHK Christmas Special called Tenshi to Jump on FC so I thought I’d check it out. The two episodes were broadcasted yesterday and the day before(by the way, Merry Christmas if you live on my side of the world) and the members of Momoiro Clover Z feature in them, playing main parts.

So the story is about a 5-girl idol group called ‘Twinkle 5’ who are steadily gaining popularity over 2 years. They do a special Christmas concert every year and on the 3rd year ticket sales suddenly plummet and the group members are starting to lose confidence. With that, the leader of the group decides to suddenly quit on the night of the concert and leaves the other 4 members behind saying that she’s “going to new places”(what a bitch). The remaining members decide to call it quits and they return to their own separate lives until Christmas starts to get close again. In Halloween of the next year the 4 girls are all visited by a mysterious girl named “Kanae” who tries to convince them to re-form Twinkle 5 and do the Christmas concert again this year. All of the members seem reluctant at first, but in the end they all end up mailing each other asking if any of the other members know Kanae, and that leads them to meeting up again and finally deciding to reform their group to do another Christmas concert.

So yeah, that’s essentially the plot of this special summed up into a paragraph. I think that the producers of this drama were stretching themselves a bit trying to pack such a huge story into two 40 minute episodes. The first episode was pleasant to watch but while the second episodes was good it also felt very rushed. The first episode’s timeline is what seems like not more than a week while the second episode packs around a month into 40 minutes(only around 36 if you don’t include CMs). It also left a lot of things unanswered, like who and what Kanae actually was or what happened to the leader of the group after she quit and disappeared to go to “new places”. It was good to see Momoiro Clover Z in a drama though, and I suppose having an actual idol group acting fit well into the storyline’s mould. If you’ve got nothing else to watch(and you probably don’t) I’d say all in all it’s worth watching, I don’t think it’ll be winning any awards though.

Seeing this drama made me slightly more confused about what Japanese people think of Christmas though. I talked about this in another post earlier this week so I won’t go too far in depth but you meet some Japanese people who don’t care about Christmas at all and some who really, really do. There doesn’t seem to be any medium and I’d say this drama would fall into the latter category for categorisation purposes. Has anyone else watched this yet? Got any impressions of it? Or maybe you’re like me and your starving for some new drama and wanna talk about that? Leave me a comment below.

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