Theme song for Smoking Gun confirmed as “Jesus Friend”.

The theme song for 2014 Spring Drama “Smoking Gun – Ketteiteki Shoko” featuring SMAP’s Shingo Katori and Mariya Nishiuchi has been confirmed as rock band N’shukugawa Boys’ new track “Jesus Friend”, which is going to be released for sale from 4 June this year. The song was created specifically for the drama and apparently it’s going to be a fast-paced rock tune. Smoking Gun will be airing every Wednesday night from 10pm on Fuji TV starting two weeks from now and the drama is based off a manga by the same name, it’s about a team that uses various high-tech scientific methods to solve what are thought to be unsolvable crimes. There was a press event held for the drama two days ago and things seemed to go pretty well at it so I have high hopes for this drama, made even higher by the fact that Shingo Katori is going to be appearing in it. If you want further details about Smoking Gun you can find them here.

Source: Oricon.

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