T.M. Revolution in charge of themes for Disc Wars: Avengers.


There was some news today that Japanese artist T.M. Revolution will be in charge of the opening and ending themes of a new anime that will start broadcasting on T.V. Tokyo from next week(4/2) called “Disc Wars: Avengers”. The anime is being produced by Walt Disney and its target audience is male children. It’s going to feature Marvel characters like Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wasp, Spiderman and Thor(The Avengers team) as well as their enemy Loki, in their struggle to save the world. The opening theme will be T.M. Revolution’s “Tsukiyabureru: Time to SMASH!” and the ending theme is going to be called “Thread of Fate”, apparently both songs were made specifically for the anime. T.M. made a comment saying that he is happy to be involved in Disc Wars and has big expectations for it. There are still no details about when the two songs will be officially released.

Source: Natalie

Image: Geek Exchange

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