Tokyo Toybox ends, Giga Tokyo Toybox starts.

Giga Tokyo Toybox

Anyone see episode 12 of Tokyo Toybox yet? I only just watched it last night, but I think it aired on Saturday night in Japan. A lot of the dramas for this season wrapped up thisand last week (Honey Trap, Andro Lloyd etc.)  so I was kind of surprised that Tokyo Toybox’s final wasn’t actually a final. Each episode only goes for around 20 minutes or so, so I was kind of suspicious watching it, thinking that it’d be the last episode ever when they were leaving so many loose, untied ends in the plot.

But after the credits had finished rolling there was a preview for the next episode and it said that the next season would be airing from the 4th of next month, which is going to be called “大東京トイボックス” or “Giga Tokyo Toybox”. According to some research I did after watching, this drama is actually based on a Manga with the same name and the Manga works followed the same pattern – first there was Tokyo Toybox then Giga Tokyo Toybox. I was watching this drama up until yesterday not even aware that it was originally a Manga. How silly of me. But then again I don’t remember any episodes where they were trying to sell or give away volumes of the original work in the credits so maybe that’s why I didn’t know until now.

So Nanami-san is now going back to Solidus to be the Head Director of the next Samurai Kitchen and Tsukiyama-chan is going to be the new CEO of G3 Studios. Sensui is also cooking up some kind of new plan with the name “SOUP” which is an abbreviation for Solidus something something…I don’t really remember but his boss didn’t look too happy about it. And then there’s the new character that suddenly appeared in the last minute of the episode saying “Ohhhh so this is G3 Studios!”. Gotta love that well-scripted entrance.

I’m pretty happy that the show is going to be continued because I don’t feel that the really delved into the Sensui and Taiyo’s past. They keep saying that they were childhood friends and I remember there being a clip in one of the episodes in an old arcade with them playing a game together as children but that’s really all that’s been said about it. I also wanna know why Sensui is so obsessed with Taiyo and what he’s trying to gain from all the meddling. By the way, who is the cute girl with the glasses to Sensui’s right in the new season’s poster? I’m curious.

I like this drama because it’s a genre that I don’t think gets a lot of coverage in dramas. I can’t actually remember a drama that was solely about Game Makers, the only one I can think of that came close was Rich Man but that was still quite different to Tokyo Toybox. Anyone else following this drama? Tell me what you think about it and what you’re hoping to see in the next season in the comments below .

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