Wacci song chosen for new Asami Mizukawa drama theme.

There’s a new TBS police drama coming out next season called “Tokyo Scarlet: Keishicho NS Gakari” that Asami Mizukawa will be starring in. It was announced a couple of days ago that Tokyo band wacci’s new 3rd single “Restart” will be used as the theme song. You might remember wacci if you watched Inpei Sousa because their second single(“Tokyo”) was the theme song for that drama. There’s no where you can listen to the new single yet, but personally I was pretty impressed with Tokyo so I have a good feeling about it. Tokyo was the kind of song I could play over and over again and not get tired of. Restart won’t actually be properly released until September of this year(why so much later?) so no one will probably hear it until Tokyo Scarlet airs but if you want to hear a (very impressive female) cover of Tokyo you can find it here on YouTube.

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