Can’t wait for Episode 1 of Shitsuren Chocolatier.


Now that Christmas is over(and all the drama specials with it) and there’s absolutely nothing else to watch, today I thought I’d write a bit about a drama from the new season coming up that I’ve had my sights set on. It’s called Shitsuren Chocolatier(失恋ショコラティエ), and it’s originally based off a manga by the same name. It’s going to start broadcasting from the 13th of next month on Fuji TV and it’ll be getting the Monday 9pm slot.

I saw the CM for this drama around a week or two ago after the last episode of another drama that ended last season. You can check out the video I’m talking about below this paragraph.  I couldn’t find much about the story apart from the promotional commercial so I checked out the manga’s Wikipedia to get a feel for the storyline. It’s a love story following the antics of a man named Sota who falls in love with a girl named Saeko during his high school years. He spends the day before valentines day painstakingly making a chocolate to give to Saeko who he thinks he’s dating and the next day when he goes to give it to her she won’t accept it because it turns out that Sota thinking they were dating was a big misunderstanding. (In the video below her reasoning for them not dating is that they hadn’t even “done stuff”, what a slut).

After getting burnt big time Sota travels to France with minimal luggage and what little money he has and begs the owner of a famous Patisserie in France to hire him. He gets a job there and ends up training to be a pro(wow, it’s amazing just how far rejection can make people go). After 5 years pass the company expands to Japan and Sota returns and ends up starting his own Chocolate specialty store called “Chocolate La Vie”. Shortly after his return Saeko gets married to another man, but is slowly starting to tire of marriage due to the lack of freedom she has being a housewife. In spite of the marriage Sota still doesn’t want to give up on winning her heart.

So that’s the gist of the storyline. I’m guessing from the what I saw in the CM that Sota tries to steal her from her husband or something. Not really too sure but yeah, it’s clearly a love story just not a very typical one. The thing that made me even more interested was the casting. Jun Mastumoto will be playing Sota and Satomi Ishihara will be playing Saeko. I love Mastumoto and Ishihara’s acting but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drama were the two of the have acted together, let alone both of them as main parts. Anybody else hanging out to see this? Got anything to say? Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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