Watashi no Kirai na Tantei, Episode 1 Recap.

Episode 1

The first Episode of Wastashi no Kirai na Tantei aired last night on TV Asahi. When I woke up this morning it was uploaded on a few different streaming sites so I watched it hoping that it’d give me something write about this morning. Like I said in the post I wrote a week or two ago about this one, I’ve been looking forward to it. One of the things that particularly drew me into watching it was the Hiroshi Tamaki/Ayame Goriki pairing. After watching Episode 1 I think I can pretty safely predict that this will be a popular drama for this season.

Morio Ukai, played by Tamaki Hiroshi, is a private investigator running his own solo office. He doesn’t really like doing murder mysteries and his reasoning for this is that it doesn’t bring in enough money. He’d much rather take on cases looking for lost pets or catching people’s husbands/wives cheating. The Episode 1 starts off with Ukai solving a murder mystery in what looks like a typical ‘Who Did It?’ style mansion. He figures out who the criminal is but doesn’t want to explain his logic because it’ll ‘take too much time’. The police detective on the case tells him to explain so he does so begrudgingly, showing evidence for who the killer was. The killer eventually gives in and admits that he was the one who did it, he tries to explain what led him to commit the murder but Ukai tells him it’s unnecessary and that he doesn’t really care all that much about why the killing happened. The murderer isn’t very happy about this but Ukai just ignores him and leaves.

Watashi no KIrai na Tantei

When Ukai gets back to his office he finds a flier for an office that can be rented for only 10 000 yen a month(this is ridiculously cheap). He thinks its a scam but he goes and checks it out anyway. And there is where he meets the landlord of the office, Akemi Ninomiya(Ayame Goriki), who is still a university student. After confirming the rent he decides to move his office there and does so. At this stage, however, he does not know that Akemi is a huge mystery nut and that she’s actually the President of the Mystery Club at her university. He gets a bad feeling about her but ignores it.


Shortly after moving into the new office Ukai gets a call asking him to help investigate a murder incident(originally thought to be suicide). He rejects it but Akemi hears the phone ringing and rushes in ordering him to accept the case. He says he doesn’t want to because it won’t make much money but she tells him that she’ll raise the rent of the office to almost 30 times what it currently is from the next month if he doesn’t agree to take on the case. So yeah, he takes it on and Akemi accompanies him to the scene claiming to be his “new assistant”.

Kirai na Tantei

The victim is a young girl, who had been thrown off the apartment building she lived in and they were able to rule out suicide because she had been stabbed in the back before being thrown off. She had just recently broken up with her boyfriend who had been witnessed shouting that he would kill her shortly after they had broken up in public just days before the incident. Coincidently that same boyfriend was at a friend’s apartment watching movies a couple of blocks away on the same night the incident occurred – and the friend of the boyfriend had also been murdered in his bathroom on the same night. The catch is that the boyfriend didn’t actually do it. He discovered his dead friend’s body in the bathroom and fled from the apartment. So the police’s only suspect for the murder of the girl is the boyfriend, Yuuhei.

When Ukai and Akemi return to the office after confirming all the details they could from the police Yuuhei is already inside the office. They compare the photo that the police had given them of the suspect to Yuuhei and realise that it’s the same person. Yuuhei doesn’t realise at the point that his ex-girlfriend has also been murdered, only his own friend. They explain the other murder to him and he loses his shit when he finds out that he’s pretty much the only suspect at the moment. He’s frantic and he asks for Ukai’s help in proving his innocence for both murders. Ukai doesn’t want to accept the case at first(Yuuhei only has around 2000 yen to on him) but Akemi offers some of her own money to bait Ukai into accepting the case and he takes it. So from there on they start their investigation to prove Yuuhei is not the real murderer.

Hiroshi Tamaki and Ayame Goriki

I’ve explained up until about halfway through the episode or so. I don’t think I’m going to write too many more posts that detail everything that happens in an episode anymore because I get the feeling that a lot of people just want a review or an idea of what a drama is like before they watch it rather than paragraphs full of spoilers. Episode 1 of this drama was actually really good, it had just the write mix between comedy and mystery and like I said the cast was great. Hiroshi Tamaki and Ayame Goriki were givens, but they also had a couple of other actors I like in minor rules – like Yosuke Asari as Yuuhei’s friend or Rui Kuihara as one of Yuuhei’s friend’s neighbour tenants. Most of the mystery-solving logic given by Akemi in the first episode is just ridiculous so I’m not really sure if they’re going to make her character a misunderstood mystery solving genius or just a clueless comic relief side-kick. I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out, if you have anything to say about this drama please feel free to write a comment below.

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  2. Thank you for taking this subbing project. I too like Hiroshi Tamaki and Ayame Goriki. I watched the first few episodes without subs but I have no idea what was being said.

  3. Thanks for the subtitles, I was in Japan for work last week and saw the most recent episode but not being a Japanese speaker I had no real idea what was going on. Still looked a great show so I’m pleased to have found your translation!

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