Watashi no Kirai na Tantei Episode 6, English.

Kirai na Tantei

Okay, so the subtitles for Episode 6 of Watashi no Kirai na Tantei are finished. This episode was actually surprisingly easy to translate, probably because there were a lot less pop-culture references in it compared to the other episodes. It’s still a pretty good episode, so you should definitely keep watching if you’ve made it this far into the series. It looks like I’m going to just make it in time to start picking up a drama from a next season in the first or second week that it airs so my releases for the next thing I choose should be pretty close to when it’s broadcasted(fingers crossed). So yeah, hit the jump to get the subtitle file for Episode 6 of Watashi no Kirai na Tantei.

You’re free to translate this into another language without asking for my permission or anything, you’re also free to link to my website if you want to in other blogs or their comments without asking. If you’re going to re-upload the file or upload a new file with my subtitles hard-coded into it I’d like it if you asked me but I’m not going to throw a tantrum if you don’t – it would be cool if you could leave the branding in it though because then at least I get some kind of credit. Come back again next week for Episode 7 which should be out some time between Tuesday and Thursday depending on how my schedule works out. Keep your suggestions coming in the comments for what you want me to translate next season(starting from April). Oh and just out of curiosity, would any one like me to also upload .srt versions too from the next release onwards?


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11 thoughts on “Watashi no Kirai na Tantei Episode 6, English.

  1. Thank you for continuing to sub this. I love this comedy.

    I use both .ass and .srt softsubs. I convert the .ass files myself if I need the .srt file for burning. So I do not really need the .srt file.

  2. Thank you so much for this!
    And honestly speaking, I’d appreciate *.srt files since it is much easier for me to work on/ translate from *.srt than from *.ass. But if it would cause any problems or take too much of your time – just forget it 🙂 I am happy to re-translate it as it is too!
    Thx again!

  3. thanks for the sub, I really appreciate it.
    but where is the english sub of episode 5? because I don’t see you already post it.
    thanks once again for your work.

    • sorry about my comment, I ask because I only open your page on subtittle and translation.
      but then I open other page and found it. thanks once again for the sub.

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