Japanese Live TV Online.


What if I told you there was a site where you could watch live, streamed Japanese TV? Well there is actually a site where you can do this and the stream is only about 3 minutes delayed compared to actual Japanese TV and yes, it’s free. Theres over 20 channels on the site, its great – I use it almost everyday. I’m half-watching it, half-writing this post right now. Before I didn’t really tell anybody about this site because I was afraid if a lot of people started using it, the site would be taken down due to copyright laws. I mean any fan of anime or drama knows how batshit-insane Japan is with their copyright laws. But anyway the site has been up for around 6 months or so now and shows no signs of being shutdown(the servers I think are in China so Japan is probably going to have an extremely tough time doing so). People that are serious about their Japanese study and wanna check out the site please keep reading.

Ok so the site is called 117yes.com, and it’s a Chinese website(don’t ask me where in China, I don’t know). When you go to the homepage you’ll be greeted with a lot of Chinese, and a lot of Chinese TV channels but if you scroll down to a section with the label “国外频道”, you will see that there are three non-Chinese sections. The one right at the end of is the Japanese channel section. I’ve even been nice enough to include an image below for those who are better with pictures. Anyway click on this and BAM, heaps of Japanese TV. And yes, the stream quality is quite good – fuck KeyholeTV. Anyway enjoy.



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