Watched new Pin to Kona, was kind of disappointed.

Pin to Kona 8 Confession

Episode 8 of Pin to Kona aired last night and I pretty much started watching it as soon as I woke up. For the first time I was actually kind of a little disappointed with this series. The episode wasn’t bad, not by any means – my issue was mainly with the fact that it had no Kabuki parts in it time around…

The episode mostly focused on the weird love triangle(or more like square if you include Ichiya?) going on between Ayame, Kyonosuke and one of the newer characters that just appeared in the episode before this one: Mizuki. While I do find that the love affairs in this drama interesting and do believe that without them the drama would not be as captivating as it is to be honest I’m just more interested in the Kabuki. I haven’t read the manga for this yet, so whether or not the writers are staying true the original work is a different story but I for one feel that this should be a drama about Kabuki first and love-triangles(or squares?) second.

Pin to Kona 8 Party

I was a little surprised when there was no live Kabuki in the last episode but I found it forgivable. That had to flesh out and kind of make a transition between the Ichiya/Ayame and Kyonosuke/Ayame relationships. In the last episode Kyonosuke confessed to Ayame too so this was in a way a climax for that part of the drama’s story. It wasn’t the end of the world for me. But two consecutive episodes without any Kabuki scenes? C’mon. Why won’t you guys just give me what I clearly want(and what I’m hoping everyone else wants too)? I hate to break it to anyone reading this but from what I saw of the preview at the end of this episode I also strongly doubt that there will be a Kabuki part in the next one too. Episode 9 looks like it will also be dealing pretty strongly with Kyonosuke/Ayame issues.


Maybe it’s just because I’m male but what I originally really enjoyed about this drama was the following your dream vs. following who you love aspects and to be even more honest I’m actually really enjoying the way there’s a friendship slowly developing between Kyonosuke and Ichiya after Kyonosuke played a major part in stopping Ichiya from quitting Kabuki altogether; this was the main focus of Episode 6 which is my favourite episode in this series so far. If there are any girls reading this blog, could you comment telling me what you are watching this drama for? The love stories? The Kabuki? Both? Oh and guys, go ahead an comment too with what you’re thinking about this. How I feel could be totally unrelated to gender, I’m just curious as to what people are feeling with this drama.

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11 thoughts on “Watched new Pin to Kona, was kind of disappointed.

  1. I just watched ep.8 too. I started to watch it because of Tamamori, I like him a lot but than I found the Kabuki scenes lovely and interesting, I like Ichiya and Kyo too, and the love triangle is an important part of the drama but I’m starting to really miss the Kabuki scenes. But I know they have to develop the relations between Kyo and Ayame cause she can’t start liking him out of the blue and we are close to the end of the series too, and there are so many plots that the kabuki ended up a little shoved to the side, you see there’s the thing about her father there’s the thing with his father and the father’s disease , the crazy girl, the crazy boy so I think the writers are trying to close some of this and than come back to kabuki, well that’s what I think.

  2. i love this drama so much!
    can you tell me where i can find another subtittle for this drama except from sophia london and zuixihuan community in lj? i know you have subbed ep 6 & 7 and i really apreciate it. i don’t ask you to subbed ep 8 and 9 but i really do wanted to watch this so bad, please tell me if you know something about the subtittle of this drama >.<

  3. yes, and it looks like they have kicked many member with an unknown reason, so the posibility to have their subtittle was zero for me. 🙁
    then, are you going to sub another episode of this? if yes, then i’ll wait for yours 😀

    btw about your question about this drama,
    i am a girl and what i like about this drama is the fresh romance (haha), all the actor and the main actress, then i do love the kabuki scenes 🙂

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I should be doing subtitles for Episode 8 and 9 but I’m gunna be going at a slow pace with Pin to Kona because my prioritise are Glass no Ie and Nananin no Majo at the moment.

      So you like the love story more than the Kabuki? Haha, we’re opposites!

  4. Fine, i’ll wait for yours, btw i’m watching Yamada to Nananin no Majo too~
    The drama is so hilarious xD thanks for subbed anyway

    Yes, i love the love story, hahahaha!

  5. Hey MrJordau

    I’m happy that you are taking more projects on subbing. At the moment, you are the only hope for Pin to Kona subs \m/ so please find some time in the comin’ days.
    Regarding zuixihuan, I think they are the perfect example of “some people just want to see the world burn!” Their homepage is full of frustrating announcements and to add to the fury, they keep posting their subbing progress! I mean if you wanna keep it private, keep everything private!!

    Anyway, I longed to ask you, if there are any time-set japanese subtitles for newer Pin to Kona episodes? If yes, I can work around a little; just made a few japanese friends who seemed more than willing to teach me japanese!

    Having said that, keep up the good work bro!
    I’m starting with Hanzawa Naoki today – Almost everyone seems to be loving it! How abt you?

    P.S.:@arii-chan, Romance? Really? in Pin to Kona? I may be wrong (since I haven’t watched post ep07) but it’s the kabuki that draws me in, take kabuki out and all that’s left is a senseless love triangle (and not an equilateral one, that!)

    • Hey Avi,

      Thanks for visiting again. I’ll try and make some time for Pin to Kona between Glass no Ie and Nananin no Majo. I’ll definitely get around to it, it’s just a matter of what other stuff I’ve got on(work, other projects, university). Yeah I don’t want to say anything too dirty about them but I find it kind of silly that they have all their subtitles inside a group that isn’t public. How frustrating.

      Yep there’s Japanese subtitles on a site called JPSubbers but the ones for episode 8 are missing for some reason. All the rest are there though. Are you thinking of doing translating? You seem to be absorbing Japanese really fast and have the motivation you need to get where you wanna go but if you’re still in your early days with it you should probably try to stay away from Japanese > English translation. You associate words for words between the languages and I find that it makes the time processing in your brain longer. It’s like when I’m translating there are a lot of times where I will have to look up a Japanese word and find out what you would say in English for it. Probably because I stopped studying with one to one wordlists over a year ago and only use a monolingual dictionary when I’m STUDYING Japanese(AKA watching drama, chatting, skyping or reading novels. doesn’t even feel like study) If I could I wouldn’t even translate myself but not many other people are doing it and some communities for subs are locked or whatever so I felt compelled to.

      Hanzawa Naoki is gold! I think it’s because the original novel must have been good in the first place. I have not been disappointed once by the series yet so I’m sure you’ll love it.

  6. Hey MrJordau

    I have absolutely no intention of translating them myself right now. My japanese is of kindergarten level at best. I’m gonna have friends over this weekend and they said they’d try to help with the translation. But it’s not a sure thing yet (you know how it goes with a bunch of humans and lots of booze). By the way, I totally agree with you on the translation issue. I’ve faced this myself a lot of times. Almost every japanese word has a lot of meanings in English (or other languages) so it mostly depends on the context. And translation engines (Google/Bing) are run-of-the-mill at best.
    Anyway, I finished Rich Man Poor Woman – and some series it was! My work allows me no more than 2-3 hours by myself (on weekdays) so I just spend each moment watching a japanese dorama. That along with our familiar Dexter/Suits/Ray-Donovan
    I’d give it a look – JPsubbers and try to find ep08 subs if they exist anywhere.

    Keep up the good work! Cheers!

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