Who is watching Tokyo Toy Box? Who wants to watch it?

I’ve posted about Tokyo Toy Box(or technically Giga Tokyo Toy Box) before on this blog and if you read my last post about it you’d know that I quite like it. I was thinking that I might actually take a survey about it because I’m pretty curious, but whether you participate or not is up to you. Does anyone want to watch this drama? Or is there anybody out there watching it every week like I am? I did a little bit of research and found out that there was once a team doing the subtitles for it but it got dropped after Episode 2 of the first season(no I’m not blaming anyone or pointing fingers because that would be hypocritical of me). I thought this drama was actually quite popular until recently when I did a Google search about it and pretty much only articles about the manga came up. Anyway I’ve been watching this one every week religiously since the first season and I think it’s great. If you’ve got a spare couple of seconds on your hands could you tell me below in the comments what you think about this drama and whether you’re interested in it or not?

14 thoughts on “Who is watching Tokyo Toy Box? Who wants to watch it?

  1. I have to admit I haven’t watched it at all. I looked into it, and well, I don’t care that much for Kaname Jun, the others I don’t know. Saw Fukushi Seiji in a couple of things, didn’t make much of an impression. So I’m sorry, but I doubt I would follow it. Probably an error on my part. But I can watch only so many dramas!

  2. ahhh…. if you could pick up subtitling this series I would be in 7th heaven!!!! I was crying my eyes out when it was dropped!!!!! So summing up: biiiiig YES PLEASE from my side 🙂

  3. I’d love to check this one one and was sad when I saw it was dropped so it would be amazing if you would sub it. Also thanks for continuing with Glass no Ie.

  4. I try to watch it because I love Adachi Rika. But, like you said, I usually get just the manga or the original series when I try to search for it.

  5. I watched the two subbed episodes and I quite liked it. Not a must-watch-Drama, but interesting enough for me to follow it. =)

  6. I watched the two subbed episode and the drama is very entertaining to me. I’m quite a gamer and since not many Jdramas tried to tackle the gaming theme, Tokyo toy box is something that I would really like to continue to watch hence everyday checking the subtitle progression with some hope :). If you would like to continue subbing it then I would be quite the happy panda.

  7. I watched the two subbed episodes too and I want to see the rest of it too. I am not shure if it really has been dropped, or is just on hold. But the subber stated that it would be ok if someone else picks this up…
    Thanks for asking!

  8. I started to watch Tokyo Toy Box, but there have been no further Eng Subs for any more episodes. You’d be a real blessing if you were to continue where the last person left off when he dropped them.

  9. I watched the 2 subbed eps and was so disappointed when there were no further subs to continue to watch. If you could sub it, that would be soooooo great, esp. since there is a sequel to it.

  10. I only read the sequel manga, Giga Tokyo Toy Box, and I love it. I’d watch the prequel for sure. Maybe if it’s subbed, the sequel will also get subbed.

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