White Lab: Keishicho Tokubetsu Kagakusosa.

White Lab

Here’s another new drama slated for April this year, called White Lab: Keishicho Tokubetsu Kagakusosa. What’s that you say? “Another police/detective drama?” Yeah, you bet it is. To add to that, this drama is being hailed as the “Japanese CSI” by the media and drama enthusiasts alike. It’ll be airing on TBS on Monday nights and it’ll be running from 8pm, each episode will go for approximately one hour – depending on how many CMs they decide to beam into your defenceless eyeballs. There quite a few impressive names appearing in this drama, it’ll feature Kazuki Kitamura, Shosuke Tanihara, Hiyuki Miyasako, Emi Wakui and Kota Yabu from Hey! Say! JUMP just to name a few. Read on for a little bit more information…

This drama is going to be about a special hand-picked police team that investigates incidents using the latest scientific/forensic techniques. Each of the members in the team were put in it because they had not only great forensic but also great invesigation skills. Information from the main website says that they interviewed real police forensic investigators and consulted them to try and make White Lab as realistic as possible. Kazuki Kitamura will be playing the lead role, which is one of the investigators from the special team. Shosuke Tanihara and Hiyuki Miyasako will also be playing members of the team, and from the sounds of it they will probably be side-kicks to Kazuki Kitamura’s character. Kota Yabu will be playing the role of a young elite analyst and Emi Wakui will be playing a non-career detective.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, there is a lot of police-related dramas coming out in April. I guess Spring this year is just the season of police drama. I’m really happy to see that Kazuki Kitamura is getting a main role in this, I thought his acting in Tobo Bengoshi and Dandarin was great but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him playing a lead role. I think he’s more than capable of taking on the responsibility though. I was also kind of surprised to see that Hiyuki MIyasako is appearing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him act before so I’m interested to see how well he handles his role. Has anybody else heard about this drama yet? A Google search in Japanese came up with a lot but in English there was barely anything at all written about it yet.

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4 thoughts on “White Lab: Keishicho Tokubetsu Kagakusosa.

  1. Kitamura and Tanihara have both been in lots of dramas. They were actually together in Ooku 5. [Tanihara was an ineffective shogun, and Kitamura a smart, devious, ambitious courtier]. I think they are very different, and both quite good actors. The only one I don’t care for is Emi Wakui, but it’s not important. She seems to have a minor role.

    This should be interesting. It is at least a new turn on crime detection.

    • I haven’t seen Ooku 5, I’ll have to check it out. I’m also not really sure about Emi Wakui’s role but like you said it doesn’t sound like she’ll be getting a major role anyway. Just some detective that occasionally pops in that they probably don’t get along with haha.

  2. hmm…I wonder how much into the CSI stuff they’ll be portraying. If they make it too accurate, it’ll be boring. forensics takes a lot of time.
    although I haven’t watched it (due to the lack of subtitles), I wonder how similar Kasouken no Onna is to White Lab…

    • Yeah you’re right hopefully it’s not too realistic. Like I said in other posts I think the challenge for writers and actors is to make it just the right amount of fiction vs. reality. I’m not too sure about Kasouken I haven’t watched it either haha.

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