New Wii Fit U looks promising.

Wii Fit U

So Nintendo is going to be releasing a new Wii Fit for the Wii U called “Wii Fit U” and I thought writing about it would fit in really well with the discussion I had yesterday about the Japanese dating sim weight-loss app that came out recently. I didn’t really think much of the original Wii Fit to be honest, I mean I’m sure you could burn calories by doing exercises in it but you could really do exactly the same thing without spending all the money on the console and software. It didn’t really bring anything majorly new to the exercising game. But I had a look at some videos explaining the new Wii Fit and was kind of surprised about how in-depth Nintendo has gone with its development.

If you have time go ahead and play the video above, everything I have discussed below is just a vague translation of the video itself. The first thing that surprised me was the fact that they are going to be including a pedometer with the software. But it’s not just any pedometer, it’s like a pedometer on crack and they call it a “Fit Meter”. It doesn’t just measure your footsteps, it has some kind of three-axis accelerator in it so that it can make distinctions about how fast you’re moving and it can also sense whether or not you’re on an incline and both of these factors go into the calorie calculations the it makes.


So you put the pedometer on your hip during school or work or whatever and when you come home you can connect it to the Wii U console via infrared and it will calculate the calories that you burned during that day. After it transfers the calories you’ve used, it tells you whether or not you have reached your appropriate goal for the day and then if you haven’t it displays a menu of different exercises you can do to burn off the rest of the calories, so you can reach your goal for the day.


The menu of exercises that you can choose from has also become a lot heftier. They’ve added around 19 new exercises to the mix, and there are 77 types of exercises in total. They’re split into distinct categories: Yoga, Muscle Training, Aerobic, Balance Game and Dance. The gamepad for the Wii U has a camera built into it so you can compare the yoga exercises and other stuff you’re doing with a virtual model to check whether or not your form is correct. If you’re playing golf you can check your swinging-form because the camera also captures footage of your swing and then you can re-play it afterwards. Another plus is that you can use the software without having the TV on, from the Wii U’s gamepad – so you can do your exercise and check your stats even if someone else at your house wants to watch TV.

The last new feature they talked about was the one I liked the idea of the most, the online communities. You can connect to Nintendo’s Wii U Online System(or whatever you call it, I don’t have a Wii or Wii U) and you can create little communities called “Gyms”. People can join them and you can check everybody else’s stats and also write cute little encouragement messages on what I think might be kind of like Facebook’s wall feature. I suppose this could also kind of add a competitive element to everything if you can tell whether or not you’re losing to your friends or just completely random people on the internet. Nobody likes being a loser, right?

The idea itself sounds pretty good time me. But then again, you never really know how good something is until you actually use it. I do like the fact Nintendo are trying new things with it and the whole concept of being able to track almost your entire exercise plan through a gaming console does seem pretty convenient. I do however doubt that this system could help you with weight training, which is a shame because that’s about the only exercise I do at the moment. Maybe they’ll add this in later? Things could get kind of dangerous lifting heavy weights in your lounge-room in front of your TV though. Anyone else got an opinion on this?

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