World’s First Hot Carbonated Drink: Canada Dry HOT Ginger Ale.

There’s going to be a new soft drink on sale in Japan from the end of October this year and it’s different than pretty much all carbonated drinks that have come out in history – it’s HOT. I mean, this might not sound like such a big deal to most people but I find it pretty interesting considering that it’s not only a first for Coca Cola(who is releasing it) but also a WORLD first for soft drinks. There are a lot vending machines in Japan that…

Cater to customers who want hot drinks during winter. Most have hot coffees, hot teas or hot cocoas and stuff like that. Some even actually contain food or kind of soups that are heated inside the vending machine. I’m not 100% sure how it works but I think there’s some kind of heating mechanism inside the vending machine that just keeps the drinks heated all day. Or maybe it’s all just powered by magic sprites. Who knows?

Japanese soft drink vending machine

As you can see there are red and blue indicators below all the drinks. If you have trouble with simple logic, I’ll explain it to you: blue is cold and red is hot. Easy, right? In almost all cases the hot drinks cost no more than the cold ones too. There’s also a TV monitor attached to it to stream advertisements into your skull while your waiting for it to disperse whatever it conned you into buying. There are even some vending machines with touch-screens and shiz that will talk to you and recommend you things in Japan now. It’s like the Mona Lisa of vending machines. Daymmmmmm.

Talking Vending Machine

So as I was saying the main selling point of Canada Dry’s HOT Ginger Ale is that it’s hot. It’ll be coming in three excellent flavours: Apple, Ginger “X” and Cinnamon and it’ll set you back 120 yen a pop. I am very, very curious about how this would taste and at the same time I’m extremely jealous of Japan’s vending machines. It was so convenient to get drinks when I was studying abroad there, and being able to choose between hot and cold was great for when it got to winter or when I just didn’t want to drink a canned-coffee cold. Well, the way things are going I probably won’t be back there until winter next year for a Working Holiday so maybe I’ll get to it then. If anyone else living in Japan reading this blog tries it please email me or comment about your impressions of it.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

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