New WOWOW drama Kabuka Boraku.

So Yuji Oda is going to be starring in a new WOWOW banker drama called “Kabuka Boraku” which means “Stock Price Collapse” in English. Guess what this drama is based off? That’s right, another Jun Ikeido novel. For those who don’t know Ikeido, he is the author of the novel that the hit drama Hanzawa Naoki was based off(or more recently the original work for Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai). This is going to be Oda’s first job since “Oh, My Dad!!” from a couple of seasons ago, which didn’t turn out to be very popular. Kabuka Boraku is going to be very similar to Hanzawa Naoki, for one they’re both based in banks and they both involve the main character fighting with his superiors. In this drama, though, Oda’s character Hiroshi tries to block funding to the re-building of a huge super market complex and one of his superiors orders the funding to be made despite this(sounds kind of familiar right?). The supermarket complex then gets wrapped up in one of a series of terrorist bombings…

And I think we can all pretty much figure out the rest even though it isn’t written in the article…I’m sure Hiroshi’s superior(/s) will try and push all the responsibility of the funding miss onto him and he’ll have to go through a long 10 episode struggle to clear his name and save himself from the fate of being transferred to some other kind of financial-related company. I’m sure they’ll try and keep us on the edge of our seats but, even if the theme doesn’t sound that original. I really liked Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai but that wasn’t almost exactly the same as Hanazawa Naoki story-wise. Oh well, I guess I won’t know until I actually watch it.

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2 thoughts on “New WOWOW drama Kabuka Boraku.

  1. It unfortunately sounds rather familiar. And a terrorist bombing too? But, indeed, I will give it a chance too, if it’s subbed.

    By the way, I was watching Mozu, as I rather like Nishijima Hidetoshi and Maki Yoko. But he wasn’t just sad or serious looking as usual, he was lugubrious, and she had little chance to really act. Just had to look serious and purposeful. I was finally turned off after the 5th episode by the continuous violence. And really nothing much was happening other than that. I looked at the last episode, and saw things were not completely resolved, since after all it is Mozu season 1. I should have known… Well, sorry, I will not bother with season 2!

    • Yeah I don’t see why this one shouldn’t be watched. I thought I’d hate Roosevelt Game too but I got into it and ended up really liking it, probably even more than Hanzawa Naoki.

      Ahhh, that’s a shame. I understand what you mean though. I don’t think Maki Yoko really properly gets a chance to shine, but I also think it’d be kind of hard for her to do so with the role she has been given. The character is just way too serious and stiff. The violence is a little excessive, to the point where you feel like you’re watching a block buster action movie. I do think that there is a proper story to follow though, and a lot of the unresolved points in Season 1 should (hopefully) be given more time in this new season.

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