Yoru no Sensei, cheesy but nice.

Yoru no Sensei

Friday night TBS drama Yoru no Sensei hit Episode 3 this week and I’ve been watching it every week but haven’t written anything about it until now. I’ll start off by saying that I think a lot of people would find this drama kind of cheesy. The acting isn’t great, the cast is somewhat mediocre(from a general perspective, not my own) and it has a very typical plot that has been done over and over again in TV dramas. Despite all of that I can’t stop watching it and feeling a little moved by it every time I do.

Yoru no Sensei is about a former snack bar owner turned beginner high school teacher named Sakura Yoruno(played by Arisa Mizuki). She isn’t a normal teacher though, she teaches night classes for people that didn’t graduate high school and have come back to do so. Because of this her class is mixed with people of all different ages and backgrounds. There are some seniors, there are some kids not too far off high school age. The students backgrounds range from manga artist to amateur idol, and all the way to the CEO of a company. With their different backgrounds they all have different struggles that they are currently undergoing, one student for example is unable to read Kanji despite being over 30 years old.

Yoru no Sensei Episode 2

The drama follows Yoruno-Sensei’s attempts to try and help the students overcome their personal battles and follows their dreams. In Episode 1 she prevents a student from committing suicide, in Episode 2 she helps another student make her debut as an idol and in Episode 3 that aired yesterday she helped yet another student finally make the decision to pursue his dream of being a professional manga artist. There are lot of students in the class, probably about 15 or more, so I don’t know if every student is going to get time in the spotlight but in every episode there are little hints made about separate students problems that haven’t come to light yet.

Yoru no Sensei

Like I said in the first paragraph this kind of drama has been done over and over again. It actually reminds me of the first full drama I ever watched called Misaki Number One!!(Karina played the main character) which had pretty much the exact same set up but dealt with normal high school students. That drama was cheesy and the acting in it wasn’t great either but I still liked it, despite the fact Japanese people would laugh at me for watching it.


There’s just something about feel-good dramas that I find captivating – I can forgive mediocre acting if there are really moving scenes. Maybe I’m just an overly positive person? I’m not sure but I can say with completely certainty that dramas have moved me to do certain things in my life that I probably would have never done if I hadn’t fallen in love with them. I suppose that I feel the way about Japanese dramas that some people feel about books or movies? Anyway, if you haven’t watched Yoru no Sensei yet I really suggest that you do. I hope it moves you too, even if it’s just a little bit.

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3 thoughts on “Yoru no Sensei, cheesy but nice.

  1. I remember Mizaki Number One! I thought of it right away, naturally.

    I will admit to you that I am a sucker for Japanese dramas, except for the completely “comic” ones.

    • Yeah aha it’s a classic. I think I must have watched it all the way through like 3 times now over the last 2 or 3 years. The acting was very mediocre but it was pretty feel good and helped a lot with picking up everyday Japanese vocabulary.

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