Yowakutemo Katemasu.

There’s going to be a new baseball drama airing on Nihon TV from April this year called “Yowakutemo Katemasu” or in English “We’re weak, but we’ll win!”. It’s going to be airing on Saturday nights and will be starring Kazunari Ninomiya as the lead. It’s Ninomiya’s first appearance in a regular drama, but he’s starred in a few other drama specials before. Yowakutemo Katemasu follows the story of a high school baseball team that is really, really – extremelyyyyy bad at playing baseball.

Ninomiya will be playing the role of a 30 year-old beginner teacher, Seishi-Sensei, who was previously a biology researcher at Tokyo University. He scores a teaching gig at an elite high school that mostly focuses on study. At the high school he comes across a new set of creatures to study: the school’s baseball team. There are only 5 members and since the club was founded the team has not won a single game. Every time they have a match they make mistake upon mistake upon mistake, some of them are actually even scared of a baseball. To make things worse they only practice once for 3 hours a week(most Japanese high school teams would do this daily and on weekends too sometimes), and they spend the rest of their time studying like crazy. So Seishi-Sensei decides that he’ll become the coach of their team and teach them how to win – and take them all the way to Koushien!

If you don’t know what Koushien is, it’s the stadium where the high school National championships for baseball in Japan are held. Pretty much every Japanese person who likes baseball dreams of their high school team going to Koushien. That being said it’s very, very difficult to get to Koushien and pretty much only the best teams(obviously) make it even close. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that Ninomiya has acted in before, I mean of course I’ve seem him in Arashi but I think that’s about it. It should be interesting to see how he does in is first regular drama spot.

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  1. Freeter, le o Kau, then Haikei, Chichiue-sama and Ryusei no Kizuna are actually regular dramas of Ninomiya’s that I have seen. I also saw him in the movie “Letters from Iwojima”. The one I liked best was Haikei, Chichiue-sama.

    He is popular as an actor, I believe, though I personally don’t care for him that much.

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