Yu Shirota speaks out about Ashita Mama ga Inai.

Yu Shirota

A few days a go I made another post discussing the controversy surrounding a new drama from this season called Ashita Mama ga Inai. As a result of the drama being heavily criticised all of its sponsors withdrew their company names from the opening credits board and 5(officially now) out of 8 of the sponsor companies decided to stop playing their ads during broadcasting. Yu Shirota appears in the drama playing the role of a celebrity-type character, or more specifically what the young girls in the care house consider to be an ideal foster father. On Saturday Yu Shirota made a comment about the drama, and all the commotion going on at the moment.

Shirota was appearing at a unrelated event called the “D-BOYS 10th Anniversary Project, Short Film Festival” and was giving a greeting at the platform when he spoke out. He started by saying that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion but…I think that you can’t judge a drama from the first two episodes so I hope that anyone that hasn’t been pleased with it so far will watch the whole story and make their judgement from that”. Shirota is the first actor appearing in the drama to make a comment about its current situation and make a call to viewers to give it another chance. He also said that he is a firm believer in “staying on a boat once you’ve boarded it”, and this is the exact same position that the producers of the drama and Nihon TV are taking. Hopefully this drama runs until the last episode.

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